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Still Fatigued -- So Annoying! Cleaning My Bedroom and More...

I didn't get up until just before 9:00 a.m. this morning. My blood sugar was 110 this morning -- perfect. Marilyn didn't get much sleep last night -- I felt bad for her. And apparently she bit her tongue in the middle of the night while asleep! She really bit it hard and messed it up pretty bad. Yikes. I feel awful for her.

She, of course, had another busy day at the office with some intense meetings.

As for me, I was puttering around doing a few things in the morning, then sat down on the living room sofa and fell asleep sitting up! Next thing I knew I'd taken a TWO HOUR nap, dead asleep!!!

After that I was DETERMINED that I was going to get some thing done today. So I started working in my bedroom. I didn't feel that great. I drank Muscle Milk for breakfast as I wasn't at all hungry all day. I just kept sipping on that container all day long.

My bedroom was a disaster, I'm afraid. It often gets messed up during festival -- and I was just so sick after the festival got over that I haven't been able to do anything to it. It's been a combination of fatigue and motivation...

So I ended up with piles of clothes on my bed. Clean clothes that need sorting, hanging or folding. And I sorted my dirty clothes and start doing some laundry. I was sorting and organizing and moving things around and I was getting so TIRED the whole time. I had to stop several times and rest. Very annoying!

I decided to quit around 4:00, as I really wanted to color my hair. It wasn't that long since I did it, but the color didn't turn out that great (too light), so this time I got a different shade.

I was also on several phone calls -- some work-related. I wanted to make sure Donn got his check this week. And I'd had requests from the office I needed to address.

By the time I wrapped up all the phone calls, Marilyn was home from work. And I was having low blood sugar (71). So then for the first time all day I was STARVING and just shoving food in my mouth. (sigh)

Anyway, we ate and watched TV and she finally laid down on the sofa to sleep. She had been feeling lousy all day long, poor thing.

So I FINALLY forced myself to color my hair. Such a pain. But I got it done. And I'm doing some more laundry. I and only eat OR drink (including water) for the next few hours, so I'm having both a cup of tea and some water right now...

I admit I'm a little nervous about the ultrasound tomorrow, not knowing exactly how it will go. Yes, I've had ultrasounds before and other similar tests, but it's been awhile.

Anyway, by noon it will be over and maybe we'll get some answers about my pain.

I had an interesting conversation with Sheila at the office who had mono when she was a girl (14). And June and I had a very nice talk. I also talked to Donn (did I already say that?).

I'm heading to bed very soon.

Sleep well, friends.
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