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Manicures and Pedicures -- Grocery Shopping

Marilyn and I got our manicures and pedicures done today. We were proud of ourselves, as we didn't do our usual 'we really need to get them' routine that can go for days before we finally break down and carry through. As usual, I had stubbed both of my big toes at some point (no idea when) and chipped the edges, so I really needed the pedicure. I did gold again. Hahaha.

I did love the pink color I had last time, but changed to silver this time for my fingernails. Marilyn says it looks sort of pewter. Anyway, I really like how they turned out. And both were remarkably lacking pain today, which is always good!

Marilyn and I both agreed we were tired after we got home. It's been a busy time during our vacation. But we're happy with all we accomplished. For the record, as we both also agreed, getting manicures and pedicures is NOT relaxing. The exact opposite, really. Anyway. So we do it because it needs to be done, not because we enjoy it.

I had forgotten to contact the office last night about the issues and fix, so I did that this morning. I phoned Christine, then sent out an email to the full staff, just to be safe...

Vacation is officially over and it's time to go back to work.

And I have some things here at home I really want to get done this week, as well...

This evening Marilyn and I forced ourselves to go and tackle our large list of groceries at Freddies. Exhausting but necessary trip. This was the last big chore we'd been putting off, so we were proud (again) to tackle it.

Refried beans and green beans for dinner -- we love them.

I mentioned Muscle Milk recently in my blog. Marilyn and I have really been enjoying it. So we did pick up quite a bit more at the store (three flavors). And they commented to that entry with a reply that read: "Subject: Thanks from Muscle Milk! | Hi! So happy to hear you're enjoying our new Coffee House shakes! They've been a huge hit. Keep doing what you're doing! -The Muscle Milk team"

I thought that was both surprising and nice (and can't help wondering HOW they would find my obscure mention of their product... hahaha...). We continue to enjoy Muscle Milk, and I have to say I'm impressed by the stats of the beverage. I know it's not intended to be used as a meal replacement, but I do enjoy it as a breakfast drink with some yogurt...

Interesting aside: I was ordering my diabetic supplies today and mentioned that I found it odd I hadn't received my normal email prompt from them. There was some screw up on their end and they had me down not to get supplies again until September -- and said I hadn't had a shipment from them since June. Seeing as I get this stuff each month, that's quite odd. But this is a wonderful company (Byram Healthcare) and they've been GREAT the entire time I've been ordering from them. Today she asked about my lancet today and suggested I get a replacement (they wear out). Very helpful and always pleasant to talk to!

Watching LOTS of Olympic action!!! I was really liking the volleyball (both indoor and beach). And we saw a bunch of gymnastics and swimming, too. Marilyn said she watched a bunch of tennis while I was napping. Really special.

And that's it for Sunday! Sleep well, friends.
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