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Saturday: Memorial -- Sunday: Peace and Quiet

Anyone surprised I didn't blog on Saturday? Me, too! I literally FORGOT to blog. Hahaha.

Saturday, August 6:

Yes, Saturday was mostly about the memorial we attended. It would be inappropriate to review the memorial, so I won't. The actual church (Catholic) ceremony was lovely, and lasted exactly an hour. Many family members took part. One friend spoke (far too long), as well.

We sat with both Jeff and Mark (member of our board and former President) -- plus we had several other festival people around us (it was a good festival turn-out).

After the actual memorial there was a LENGTHY reception. It was very, very HOT inside, and I was nearly sick from the heat. I was soaked with sweat and kept using napkins to wipe my face. I finally told Marilyn I couldn't stay any longer, so she told me to go and she'd follow shortly. Several family members were speaking at that point.

Outside Jeff and Mark joined us, then the four of us drove to a nearby bar to toast Bill (all in our own cars). I'd had very little to eat that day and Marilyn hadn't had a thing. But we had drinks, anyway -- and the four of us talked for some time (a lot about festival things, so you could say we were chatting about work).

We'd left the house around noon and didn't head for home until past 5:00. We stopped for takeout on the way home as we were both pretty hungry.

I don't think we would have been so out of it if we'd been able to eat before drinking, but oh well. We'd had a busy week, it was an emotional and long day and we were tired, as well as under the influence of drinking. So we both crashed. I think I fell asleep before Marilyn, but we both went fast asleep, anyway.

So that was Saturday. And why I never blogged. Hahaha.

(This was also our Dad's birthday.)

Sunday, August 7:

Today was very gray most of the day. We were both tired from our long and busy week and not in the mood to really do anything. We played on our iPads and watched TV and that was it.

I did finish "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two," today. And while I was annoyed by it frequently while reading it, by the end I was finally okay with it. I might even say I enjoyed reading this play. It's hard to discuss what I did and didn't like without spoiling, so I'll refrain from details... You know, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Much of the best Harry Potter writing I've ever read has been fanfiction. Just saying...

The main theme (which I think I can mention without really spoiling) centers around changing time -- and that never seems to work out well. If you've ready "11/22/63: A Novel," by Stephen King, you already know what I mean. Hahaha. Time fights being changed in his book! And THAT makes a lot of sense to me. But I was never a fan of TV shows, short stories or whatever that dealt with messing around with time travel and changing time. It's all too convoluted. No. That's not true! I used to love "Voyagers!" -- which was an 80's TV show about time travel. Hahaha. Of course, that show really did NOT take itself too seriously...

I got a good nap today, too. Sleep is wonderful (and I still seem to need a lot of it).

I stepped on something at some point today. Suddenly I felt a weird feeling in my foot. And there was blood. I used a tweezers to remove it, which was hard -- I never did see anything! But I could feel it and hear the sound of glass against the metal tool. Annoying and painful. (sigh)

In the afternoon Marilyn realized she wasn't getting email from the festival office. So I tried to Remote in and could not. That meant we needed to GO DOWNTOWN TO THE FESTIVAL OFFICE (sigh), so we could fix it, seeing as tomorrow is Monday and a work day. We waited until late to go. And fortunately it didn't take very long. Now it's all working again, and we shouldn't get any calls tomorrow from the office.

We've been watching the Olympics, but are annoyed by how hard it is to get certain results -- or see things we'd like to see. We'd enjoy watching tennis, for example! It seems like there are fewer choices of what to watch than ever before. I wonder WHY that's true? Oh well.

Heading to bed. Goodnight!
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