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Our New Pantry Cabinet! Marilyn and Jeff go Hiking and MORE.

I got the OLD shelf unit in the kitchen emptied out last night. This morning I moved it into the living room and scrubbed the wall and floor where it had been -- and where we were going to put the new cabinet.

Marilyn couldn't pay for it until past 11:00, when Vintage Pink opened for the day. Then she contacted John (the mover) and arranged for him to come out. He had one heck of a time FINDING us for some reason using his GPS! In actual fact, we're very simple to find, IF you know north Portland at all. Lombard is the main drag out here, and we live right off Lombard. You almost have to try hard NOT to find us! Hahaha. John ended up over on N Wabash, which is a couple of streets over (and there's a house there with our same number, to make it more confusing!). But eventually he got here.

He and I got the cabinet inside between us. It was TRICKY getting it through the front door then to make a sharp right into the kitchen (as it was too tall for the doorway!). But we did it! (Even with me as puny as I've been all summer long.) Actually, I'm pretty proud of how well I did, as this was a long unit and it was heavy, too boot.

The new pantry cabinet FIT PERFECTLY in the spot! And the teak wood blends it very nicely with our kitchen cabinets, too!

Another exciting development. John knows a man who does recovering of furniture, so I'm going to contact him about our old (but very beloved) chair and ottoman that are downstairs (where I sit, as a matter of fact). An added bonus to the day.

After John left Marilyn had to take off to pick up Jeff at the office, as they were going up the Columbia River Gorge to go hiking today. I am NOT up to that, yet, to say the least.

I stayed home and had planned to put the items that had been inside the shelf into the new cabinet and tidy the kitchen (and the living room, where we had put everything temporarily. That went very well, by the way. While doing that, my LEFT hip and my back where pretty tweaked at one point (obviously from the heavy lifting). So I was doing a bunch of sitting around. I knew I wanted to take out garbage (it's REAL garbage night), put the books back in the bookshelf that's right inside the front door (we'd had to move it out of the way this morning) -- plus exchange the OLD plant stand with the green wooden shelf that had been in the kitchen. I wasn't sure if I could do all that, or not...

But I really wanted it all to be DONE before Marilyn got back home, so I finally motivated myself to do the work. And I also got up on the shelf above the kitchen windows and took down three ceramic cows to put on the pantry cabinet -- there's a shelf only good for decorative elements way up on top. Plus this gave me the chance to tidy up that shelf in the kitchen at the same time...

The plants needed the rearranging. And Colin is constantly over there pulling out chunks to chew on (aloe plants), so there was a mess on the floor. Anyway, that looks very nice, too. I put the old plant shelf outside in the back yard for now.

We're putting the old lamp that we replaced yesterday downstairs where we have a lamp that has a bad switch. (We've been having to unplug it to turn it off!) So besides the old shelf, I have two lamps to get rid of. I'll put them on the boulevard with FREE signs -- we've done this before several times! They usually go right away...

Marilyn sent me a text to 'send pictures' -- so I did that. I had NO CLUE she and Jeff had ended up at Beacon Rock over in Washington state! She'd told me they were going to hike at Starvation Creek (here in Oregon). I'd mentioned how hot it was going to be today (high 90's), and she'd talked about that location, where there's actually a lot of shade (we've been there many times). But Beacon Rock is ALL UPHILL (except coming down, obviously) -- and it's almost entirely in the sun!!! A crazy choice, needless to say.

She told me she was on the rock looking at my photos (of the cabinet and plant stand) just feeling amazed she could do that while on Beacon Rock. Imagine.

I never did get to the garbage, either yesterday or today (so far). But I finally forced myself to go and shower and wash my hair. I was sitting in a chair trying to get myself to go dry my hair when Marilyn and Jeff phoned me from the car on their way back.

I had suggested we three go to dinner, so they were checking to see if I was still up for it.

We ended up going out for Chinese (my pick), rather than Mexican (as originally planned). I made myself a bit sick on takeout yesterday, so I couldn't face it. We ended up with our favorite waitress who is always so sweet to us. And Jeff paid for drinks. We all had Coors Light -- and I had a shot of tequila, too. Hahaha. We figured we'd earned it!

We drove Jeff back down to the office (where his car was), then came home. We were too tired to go and pick up my prescriptions (we'll do that tomorrow).

We were watching some TV, but not for long. Soon we both went down for naps. I've been re-reading my Dan Brown book, but it wasn't turning off my brain, so I switched to the new Harry Potter book and drifted right off. (smile) Very entertaining, so far -- but I won't spoil, I promise.

How many of you have bought the new book so far???

When I got up (well past midnight), we started watching "Paint Your Wagon." Man, how we LOVE that movie! For those unfamiliar with the film, it's a 1969 musical set in No Name City, California during the gold rush days, starring Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood and Jean Seberg. Lee and Clint are partners in a mining camp that becomes the infamous city -- Jean is a Mormon wife who is sold to Lee. Eventually both partners become her husbands. Very entertaining, with great songs! As with many movies we love, we know it almost by heart and can recite along.

Well, Marilyn is washing her hair -- she needs to take sister Sue to the doctor first thing in the morning. I still need to go do the garbage, so I'm off to do that! It's heading for 3:00 a.m. and we're both REALLY BEAT.

We're pretty proud of ourselves this vacation, with everything we've gotten done! We plan to clean the living room tomorrow. Usually we do NOTHING worthwhile during this week and just totally goof off. So this is quite a change. We figure it will give us more free time for our vacation weeks that fall toward the end of summer...

Jeff is anxious for another beach trip. But we've got a funeral/memorial this coming weekend (Saturday) -- and we'll actually see Jeff there. And the weekend after is our trip to Spirit Mountain to see Huey Lewis (that's been planned for ages now).

Still not sure what's happening with the cats while we're gone. Maybe we can just put out a bunch of food and water and hope for the best... It's only an overnight trip, after all.

I talked with both sister Sue and friend June today. Poor June was having quite a day -- but managed to laugh about it, thankfully! I like finding the humor in crazy situations. That really helps a person get through things.

Her doctor wants her to try physical therapy for her poor knees, so I guess she's going to give it a go. I thought she should have mentioned her Fitbit and how she's been walking more, but she forgot to do so.

Well, garbage and cat boxes, here I come! Tomorrow will be another busy day, and I can't wait to get back to bed.

I'm very, very tired tonight. Hopefully I'll have more energy tomorrow!

But I DID get my 4,000 steps today on Fitbit! And I had well over 7,000 steps yesterday. (woo hoo)

Forgot to mention, I've been trying Muscle Milk -- specifically the Coffee House flavor. It's really tasty! And has 20 grams of protein for serving!!! Plus 0 grams of sugar. How about that??? (I'm actually out and need to get more now.) Delicious, I think. A good way to get some nutrients, especially when you've been lacking appetite all the time like I have...

Sleep well, friends!
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