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Busy, Busy, Day!

This was a busy day! We did sleep in (aw, vacation!), but we were going pretty much eight hours straight today with various errands and tasks.

We went to Lounge Lizard (both locations are over on SE Hawthorne Boulevard here in Portland) looking for a pantry cabinet to go in the kitchen. We wanted it to replace a shelf unit there where we store various items, including breads, other foods, our physical mail, some paperwork and so on. The current shelf just has everything hanging out there, and is pretty un-lovely. We wanted to find something that was partially contained behind doors -- but still left a couple of shelves visible (for easy access).

We didn't find what we wanted there, but we did find an amazing lamp! They hand make the shades in mid-century style (and colors) -- and the actual lamp is vintage brass (very heavy and sturdy). The primary shade is a lime-ish green that we both love! This now sits next to our vintage bar that we got a few years back.

While out we went to Vintage Pink, another shop on Hawthorne that we've been to before. There we DID find a perfect cabinet that fit the dimensions. The main issue is getting it delivered. Lounge Lizard has their own delivery service, but Vintage Pink does NOT. So they have a man they recommend. But without confirmation we could get it delivered, we didn't want to buy the piece. So Marilyn left the delivery man a phone message and the woman (Toni, I think) at the shop said we could call and pay over the phone when we had things arranged.

I said if it was meant to be, it would be. That's how we try to view things. If for some reason something doesn't work out, then it wasn't meant to...

After that we went to Starbucks.

We were heading to get takeout, and ended up stopping at the Portland Farmers Market in Kenton. We got some raspberries and blackberries, and some lemon cukes. Then we got Mexican takeout. We ate at home, then immediately headed out to IKEA. We have a lamp from there at the beach house and the bulb has burned out. Those of you who shop at IKEA know that their lamps use their bulbs -- so you have to get them there! We ended up picking up a few other things, including an electric screwdriver.

After IKEA we went to HomeGoods (which is close by) and picked up a couple of throw pillows for the living room.

Then we went to Ross (also close by), and got new sheers for our living room windows. The cats had snagged up the current ones pretty bad. The don't mean to, but their nails get caught... The sheers were very reasonable, so that's fine.

Marilyn and Jeff are going hiking tomorrow, and Marilyn was nearly out of gas. Plus we wanted to pick up some vanilla ice cream to eat with the berries. So we headed to Freddies. Our local Freddies includes a gas station now -- and we got there just in time before they shut down for the day! And we ran in and got ice cream and a few other items.

Marilyn got a picture at HomeGoods to go in her bathroom (where she used to have the mermaid that's now at the beach house). It's really pretty! And she got a pair of new bath rugs which she really needed tonight (at Ross? I can't recall).

We're both worn out as we did a lot of walking and so on. And never had our normal nap during the day.

I just emptied out the old shelf in the kitchen. I forgot to mention that the delivery guy finally called and is coming in the morning to bring the new unit (as soon as Marilyn pays for it). I'm a bit concerned that he's ALL ALONE to move what is a very heavy, teak cabinet. He said something to her about us helping him, and she made it clear that it's unlikely we can do that. There are STAIRS for him to get up in front. (sigh) And it's a very TALL cabinet! Gosh, I hope it goes well when he brings it over...

I'm going to see if Marilyn does want ice cream and berries or not. Otherwise, we're off to bed!

We're excited about that cabinet. We've wanted one for several years now. And there's something special about buying and using vintage furniture! We love the various pieces in our living room.

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