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Starbucks and Ride, Doctor Appointment AND Dinner with June and Jim!

As she had promised to do, Marilyn took me for Starbucks this morning. First we went to drop off cans at the BottleDrop, then to pick up prescriptions (I had quite a few!) and also to get some styli (or styluses -- both are apparently proper) at the Dollartree. Then we got Starbucks and took a short ride to Sauvie Island.

After that we headed home and I typed up my medicine list. I was going to email it to myself, but our internet (CenturyLink) was down!!! So Marilyn typed it on her iPad so I could take it along to my doctor appointment.

That appointment was at 2:30 -- but they had asked me to come in at 2:20 (we were there by 2:15). We gave the full list to the assistant who typed it all in the computer.

I need to have an ultrasound to find out if there's a problem with my spleen or pancreas (from the pain I've been having). My blood sugar from my A1C is quite high, which is very frustrating. Leslie had lowered my Metformin, but when I kept having high results, I raised it. But it's still been out of control. Strange when you consider I've improved my diet, lost weight and am eating better. I mean, what else can I do, after all?

Leslie had wanted to LOWER my Metformin and put me on an additional medication that was an injectable. But my insurance wouldn't cover it and it's quite expensive. So I haven't been taking it (obviously).

Anyway, I'm now raised to 1,000 mg Metformin and 10 mg Glipizide (I've always been on 5 mg Glipizide). We'll see how that goes. Leslie was worried about the side effects of Meformin. Anyway, we'll see what happens and I'll go BACK to see HER in a few months.

After that appointment I phoned sister Sue and filled her in. And we talked about Marilyn and me seeing her tomorrow morning and going for Starbucks and a ride.

Then we decided to have naps before going to dinner with June and Jim. I called June and she told me about additional issues she'd been having that Donn helped her with today. And we agreed to meet at our local Chinese restaurant at 6:30 for dinner.

I had a lovely nap with Colin! He was on the bed the entire time. Marilyn is his person, so it's nice when he gives me special attention.

I got up in time to get our presents wrapped (they've been sitting in the living room for ages and ages!). We had Happy Birthday gifts for Jim, and Happy Unbirthday gifts for June (it's an old family tradition).

Anyway, we four had a lovely dinner and just chatted and laughed and laughed.

Then we came home and watched American Ninja Warrior. We always love that show!

Oh! And Jeff had emailed me with a website change for work, so I took care of that...

After that we dashed to the store. Freddies was OUT of both our water and Marilyn's pop!!! So we just left without buying anything and headed to Safeway, instead. Got our bottled water, some pop and cat food and then came home. Now we're heading to bed!

And that was our busy vacation day...
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