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Harry Potter Bday Weekend -- Cleaning House and Helping June

Stayed up pretty much all night last night. That's okay -- it was what we both wanted to do. And we slept in very late to make up for it.

Then Marilyn wanted to clean house. My job was to answer questions and NOT do anything. We got a start, then June phoned and was having more iPad troubles...

She came over here (where we have AC on all the time right now). I got her online banking to work for her. And we resolved the Apple ID issue. PLUS we did the update to the latest IOS on both of her devices (iPad and iPhone).

After that we got back to cleaning. I did clean the cat boxes and help Marilyn take out some garbage. Plus move a few things around. But Marilyn did some heavy cleaning, like scrubbing the kitchen floors and vacuuming the kitchen rug and gathering all the paper sacks and boxing them up and on and on. I loaded the dishwasher (I need to set it to run when I finish blogging), too.

I seriously need to do laundry, but that's okay.

I've had several nice emails from our friend Shari lately. I really need to write back to her more often. It's great keeping up with what she's doing.

We were watching Harry Potter on TV (Freeform). And we had one of them On Demand, too -- but both fell asleep during that! We had long naps, anyway.

Henry woke me howling his head off. I kept ignoring him, but he pressed his paw on my spleen and that got me awake pretty damn quick, as it hurts like mad!!! He didn't mean it. But it still hurt.

I finally made dinner (refried beans) very late, while also coloring my hair (finally). Actually, there's no getting around it: Coloring your hair is a difficult task. It's messy and always seems to wear me out, even when I'm not struggling from a lack of energy. It's not like I do a great job at any time, in other words. And I always seem to have a hard time getting to the actual job of coloring. I'm always wasting time setting it all up just so. (sigh)

This was new color, so it was a bit different. Not sure what I think of it, yet. Marilyn is beside me playing Zuma. And we just discussed what I LIKED about the product. Not too bad smelling while on the hair (I wasn't too allergic to it), not too messy to apply (I didn't make too big a mess in the bathroom), relatively easy to rinse out (new hair colors are frequently AWFUL to rinse) and the dried hair feels very soft (last time my hair was somewhat coarse feeling). I'm not thrilled with the color, which I wish was darker -- but that's trying out a new brand and not knowing which shade to use. Next time I'll try a different shade and we'll see how it goes! The brand is Schwarzkopf and I've never used it before. So far, so good...

Anyway, I now have clean and colored hair -- which I've actually needed for days! Hahaha.

I'm rereading the book "The Lost Symbol," by Dan Brown. I originally read the hardback book (and got it right after it came out), but now I'm reading it for Kindle (I just bought it this week). I ADORE Dan Brown's writing. Yeah, yeah -- I know. A ton of people hate Dan Brown. They can't get past the stories he tells and whether or not they are true (seriously???) or could potentially be true (really???). Look, it's FICTION, guys. I mean, I also love my Merlin series and read it over and over again -- and guess what? It's NOT real. Okay? But I think Dan Brown's actual WRITING is beautiful stuff. I love how he puts words together. And when we come right down to it, I'm all about the quality of the writing -- far more than the actual story being told, really.

I recall being delighted by the end of this book, which I can't even remember right now for whatever reason. Hahaha. I've read every book he's ever written, just to be clear. And some are better than others, of course. But his WRITING is always very good.

I was just thinking that in this book there's a severed hand -- the hand of a main character. And while I find it gruesome and awful, it doesn't give me nightmares (thankfully). But that other book that I read recently (and said I would NOT name again -- the Egyptian book) had a main character get his tongue cut out -- and it's given me nightmares several times since I read it. I was horrified by the scene which I can't seem to get out of my head. One has to wonder why the one scene bothers me and the other doesn't... It must be something about the way the two authors managed these, right?

Well, I commend Marilyn for spending her first day of vacation cleaning house! Good for her. We already feel better now that she's done it. Tonight she was working on her bathroom for hours (going slowly as she did things).

I hate that I've let things go, but I honestly could not manage it. Hopefully I'll be better soon and back to being able to clean. My bedroom still needs a bunch of work and I'd love to finish it up. But I'm totally unable to face it right now.

Happy dreams!
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