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HOT Summer Day -- Working on June's iPad and iPhone

I got up around 9:00 (or just before -- I honestly can't remember). I think it was another one of those 'Henry thinks I should wake up' mornings, to tell you the truth. Hahaha. He just did that to me tonight, too. I was lying down 'napping' after a late dinner. And suddenly he's SCREAMING next to me on the bed (and it's well past midnight). He seemed to settle down without much reaction from me, as I fell back asleep for around half an hour before finally dragging myself up...

I almost phoned June in the early morning, but didn't expect her to be awake (she usually isn't awake until noon or later). But she called me around 10:00-ish. She was unhappy with her iPad and said it was messed up. I told her I'd come over, but she would have to run the AC, as I can abide the heat right now. (I'm constantly running a fever of around 100'...) She agreed, so I got dressed, put on my contacts and headed over. I took my purse -- so I could easily carry my stuff (ipads and so on).

She could figure out how to turn on the AC, so I helped her and we cooled things down. I couldn't figure out WHY her iPad and iPhone were asking AGAIN for her Comcast password (that we just recently changed). But I went through setting it up yet again.

She'd been upset because the iPad was on the second 'page' (screen), rather than the first one. I showed her how she could tell where she was. You know, they should make some of those things EASIER to see! Those tiny dots might work for teens, but older people need the option to see things a little bigger. Say what you will, there's still a lot of ageism in devices (more so than computers). And we set up some folders and bookmarks, and some 'desktop' bookmark icons, too. All helpful.

Eventually it appears we've got her set up, so I head home. Forget to take my purse (it was on the floor so I didn't see), have to go back and get it and then head home (again). Later on she calls me because she's getting the pop up message AGAIN about Comcast!!!

She comes over her because they aren't running the air at her house. (Jim prefers not to -- not sure if June agrees with that or not.) TODAY WAS VERY HOT, just to be clear. I had the air on all day.

Also, the huge spring that opens their garage door has broken! I remember when that happened to Marilyn and me! It's pretty awful. So they can't get their car out of the garage. Jim had an appointment with his doctor and had to borrow a car to go...

So June comes over and I end up phoning Donn because I'm frustrated about the Comcast thing. He points out that I changed the password for her (I did), so that wasn't his work. We're talking for ages about it. She has a Comcast email account (her primary account), plus a Gmail (Google) email account -- where the Comcast email FORWARDS to it. She runs the Comcast account through her default iPad email, and uses the Gmail App to get it.

She was getting her email, but couldn't SEND! I'm pleased I finally realized you have to set up the new password for outgoing -- it's more like setting up an Outlook email on your computer, in other words.

Donn kept asking about setting a default email on your iPad -- and I have to admit I didn't know how (or that you even could do it). So both Donn and I had 'wins' today -- and learned a thing or two.

The crazy thing is just how much there IS to be learning constantly! Hahaha. June came over around 3:00 and was there until 6:00, but we did get a lot done.

I had been planning to have a late lunch, but obviously that didn't happen. No problem, as I'm never hungry at lunch now, anyway... I did have yogurt for breakfast, though, so I had eaten. Marilyn and I ate when she finally got home (past 7:30) -- and one of the things we had was the last of the corn on the cob (so yummy!!!).

I didn't get any of my chores done. I didn't color my hair. I need to do laundry (maybe tomorrow). I could just sleep much of the day away, I have to admit. So I was proud to spend so many hours actually DOING something today.

I spent a bunch of time on my work email. We get THOUSANDS of SPAM emails daily. So either Junk Mail or our special SPAM blocker catches most of it -- but you have to check it all, as it does have false positives. And checking thousands of items TAKES TIME, believe me. I now have my email at work down to under 100 items in the Inbox! (woo hoo) That's a lot of work. (Now I need to do that here at home... sigh...)

Well, that's my Friday!

Marilyn had a hard, busy day at work. But as she's now on vacation, we knew that would be true! Last year she had to work on the first Sunday of this same vacation, so she was trying to avoid that this year. She sent out the email with the Call for Nominations -- it's a ton of work (multiple documents). Great job!

On a sad note, Marilyn got word from Rick that Dale (a former board member) passed last week. It was certainly his time, but it hurt my heart to think of losing him. I guess in reality we lost him years back, as he hasn't been functional in ages. What a wonderful man Dale was. Recently it was Bill, so now that's two... (sigh)

I've taken my night pills and pulled out my contacts (which were glued to my eyeballs). So now I'm ready for bed. It's well past 3:00 a.m.

We were watching Harry Potter movies earlier. FreeForm is featuring them for his 'birthday weekend' (his bday is July 31, as most of you probably know!). What WONDERFUL movies! They are a joy to watch, no doubt about it. Not as much fun with commercials, though.

And we were watching some House Hunters on HGTV just now. And we like the new We Bought the Farm series on HGTV, too. (It's on right now.)

I was in a lot of pain most of the day, but it's better right now (not sure why). I'll be glad to see the doctor on Monday.

Goodnight, friends.
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