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I Hurt Tonight (Oh, Well) - Mono?

Surprise, I slept in again today.

Marilyn really didn't feel well yesterday. She was pretty miserable last night and not sleeping very soundly when I checked on her. She was actually cold at one point. (In order to cool the upstairs, it gets far too chilly downstairs. But we're NOT complaining -- it's wonderful to have air conditioning during a heat wave here in Portland.) Anyway, I covered her and she went back to sleep. Later she was having nightmares and might have been too warm. (Hard to say.) She had an early morning meeting today, so was long gone by the time I got up.

I did pick up a bit when I got up. And started taking out the recycling, as it's garbage (not REAL garbage) day. So recycling and composting need to go out... (I'll do that when I'm done blogging.)

Marilyn did come home at one point today and had a piece of bread and took a very short nap. Then she headed back for an afternoon meeting. She was glad she'd been there for the Auction meeting this morning (we had a lively discussion about it).

I talked with Donn several times as he was working to get things fixed for our friend (and neighbor) June. This is tied to things from yesterday. I found it VERY ANNOYING that I was able to change her password last night, but it wouldn't work this morning for some reason. Anyway, Donn had to spend ages getting that fixed. I think he put hours and hours in on this, to tell you the truth...

Thank God for Donn!

Anyway, he not only resolved the password issues for Google (and gmail) and Comcast, but got June and Jim's WiFi up and running again (I certainly couldn't do that yesterday!). Next he'll work on her computer, hopefully that won't be too difficult.

I also chatted with Adeena a couple of times today, which always cheers me. Right now it makes me feel less cut off from everything. I know it's not a big deal to be stuck at home, but what can I say.

I had curry noodles for lunch, but ate less than half. I didn't have a bite of food until then (past 3:00) because I wasn't hungry...

I messed around on my iPad, worked on my email a little, picked up around the house a bit and that's pretty much it. I'm still too fatigued to do much.

Hector came today and mowed the lawn, thank heaven! It really needed it!!!

Marilyn ate leftovers from last night for dinner and I finished my noodles.

We watched Hillary accept the nomination. It's history, after all. No matter what your politics are, this is the first woman ever to be nominated for President in this nation.

This afternoon and evening I've had pain in my side. Well, we looked it up, and it appears to be spleen pain. That's totally connected to mono, by the way. There's no TREATMENT for an enlarged spleen. Seriously? Just like there's no treatment for mono. (sigh)

We were thinking about going to another fair this weekend, but Marilyn pretty much nixed that. (sigh) She reminded me that I'm not supposed to be doing anything.

Well, I'm off to take out the recycling, anyway...

Yes, I'm boring these days. Sorry.

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