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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Tuesday and Wednesday -- Catching Up 
I'll come back and fill this in tomorrow...

By the way: The new App does NOT WORK at all. It's a piece of crap. (Enough said.)

Tuesday: I honestly don't remember anything about Tuesday. I think we ate corn for dinner...

Wednesday: We had IT issues at work and I was able to fix things from here at home. I did have to phone Kris and have Christine do things in the IT Room, so it was a team effort. But I was able to do my part to get things back up again. We couldn't get online and the Exchange was down. (It was apparently the SonicWall -- and Marilyn feels due to all the SPAM we're getting long. That's another long story...)

I had my own issues being able to Remote. Anyway, that was resolved, too.

I was back and forth to June's house. She couldn't get on Comcast, so had talked to a rep on the phone. This woman had her call a phone number for Microsoft that offered FREE assistance. So when June told me that, alarm bells went off immediately!!!

For the record, support for Microsoft is EXPENSIVE -- never FREE. This wasn't a genuine service and the guy got total control of her computer -- and a couple of her passwords, too! I was helping her reset passwords, and made her shut of the computer until Donn could help with it.

Anyway, I did get the Comcast password changed. I thought I'd done the Google/Gmail password, too -- but not so. (Long story.)

It was so hot! And June and Jim didn't have the air on at their house, so it really bothered me. I've been running a fever almost constantly just under 100', so I just can't deal with the heat at all right now...

Anyway, I don't know how much I really helped June, but I did try. And I reached Donn to get him set up to help her. What we would we do without him???

I need to color my hair. I wonder if I can get the energy for that?

I've sure been going through the bottled water recently. I drink loads of tea and TONS of bottles of water. (Almost no pop or coffee lately. Not sure why...)

I know there was more for both Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm so forgetful and confused lately that I just don't remember... Sorry.

Night all!
July 29, 2016 (Friday) 12:04 am (UTC)
I'm not surprised the app has problems. All the other versions have too...