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Doctor Appointment -- Blood Test

Watching "Frasier" right now as I blog, which both Marilyn and I love. I almost always end up laughing out loud during every episode! This is a great one: "Moon Dance." It features Niles going to a ball with Daphne. She's taught him how to dance for going with a different woman, but the woman stands him up. So Daphne fills in. It's so entertaining.

I decided to call my clinic and go in again today. I saw the same doctor as last time (Leslie wasn't available). The doctor wants to see me again in a week, so I'll need to set another appointment for next Monday (if possible). Marilyn took me and was there (of course). There was a long discussion about what's been going on. The doctor gave me a very thorough exam. She was pressing on my left side and it was VERY PAINFUL (ouch). Still hurts now, as a matter of fact.

I had blood taken -- there was a student working in the lab and she did a great job! It didn't hurt at all (and that's not always the case).

I guess we'll find out for sure now if I have mono. Or if this is something else. But I can't BELIEVE it's not tied to my recent illness, which has ALL the symptoms of mono. Anyway, whatever it is, it will be good to know!

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to REST, eat healthy and avoid exercise (in case it is mono).

Marilyn and I picked up takeout on the way home for dinner. And I made more corn on the cob to go with it, which was delicious!

Instagram was completely DOWN today at one point. And it was still crashing like crazy when it came back up. Marilyn and I both had to delete the App and reinstall it to get it to work again. So annoying! Then you have to log back in (which is always a pain with any App, actually).

I honestly can't think of anything else to blog about...

Okay, not true!

This is actually something I was going to blog separately, but what the heck. Hahaha.

About the new Heinz mustard commercials...

I don't think they really thought it through. I think Heinz ketchup is a real HEEL for dumping his long-time French's mustard girl friend! What a lousy thing to do! And then he goes all over and makes a big deal out of the new girl in his life, the Heinz mustard chick. Like lots of guys, he's crazy about the younger woman! And these commercials really make fun of poor French's mustard!

Anyway, we're STICKING WITH FRENCH'S MUSTARD at our house, which we've bought forever. I don't even want to try the new girl in town, thanks. And if I catch our Heinz ketchup being an ass with her, I'll be sticking him toward the back of the fridge until he can behave himself. Actually, I think sweet French's mustard might be taken with the new guy in our fridge, Heinz Jalapeno Ketchup! He's a spicy guy, warm and friendly. So, maybe she's better off with him, anyway!

Yeah, yeah. I over think things, no doubt. But who thought this line of commercials was a good idea? Didn't they think there would be women like me who would be offended by this new 'pairing'???

This isn't the first time I've felt a commercial was inappropriate and/or offensive, by the way. I could have a blog just about commercials that bug me. Hahaha. Hopefully you see the humor in my tongue-in-cheek reaction...

Good night everybody! Stay happy and healthy!!!
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