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Forgot to Blog Saturday (!!!), Plus Happy, Happy Sunday at the Fair!

Can you believe I just FORGOT to blog Saturday? It's true! One of the things about mono -- there can be more confusion than normal. (And as Marilyn would probably say, I'm confused enough as it is! Hahaha.)

Saturday (July 23): Marilyn and I basically spent a quiet day. We slept in late (didn't get up until well after noon). And we did a lot of lying around.

I was playing solitaire on my iPad (a paid game I downloaded the other day that we both like). And watching a little TV. And that's about it.

We did end up taking a short ride and getting some take-out to eat. But that's it. We were saving energy for today!

Sunday (July 24): We did sleep in again. (Supposedly with mono you should get 10 to 12 hours of sleep a day!!! Really??? I can't imagine that...)

We did go to the Columbia County Fair in St. Helens, Oregon (as we also did last year). And it was another very hot day (high 80's this time around). And I did get puny while we were there. We had to sit down several times just for me. (Annoying!)

But we had SO MUCH FUN! We saw the animals (bunnies, turkeys, goats, cows and horses), looked at the produce and cooking (giant onions and bottles of honey and cakes and cookies), saw the museum with tools and farm equipment and more, viewed the fabrics (quilts and so on), saw crafts and art and photographs and Lego art, ate pronto pups and Hawaiian shaved ices (grape!).

We ran into Ted, whom we haven't seen in years and years! He and I used to share a desk at one point in the old festival building. Long story about Ted, but it was great to see him again and hear that he's doing really well.

And we got to go to the pig races at 3:00 (one race with four rescue dogs, and one with pot belly pigs who raced VERY SLOWLY -- hahaha). If you're an animal lover, there's no reason for alarm. These are very well-treated animals who appear to be like pets. They 'race' around a very small track and receive a food reward at the end (all of them get the reward, whether or not they win). The dogs seem to like to actually run, but the pigs didn't work up a sweat at all. The 'blue' pig took his own sweet time going slowly from beginning to end.

The man running the races seemed so interesting and sweet. I thought the things he said about the animals and how they find them were wonderful. He spent ages encouraging people to support animal shelters and to adopt animals, to support fairs and volunteers and on and on. I know somebody will find fault with racing dogs and pigs, but I can't see how anybody really could mind. There really is no abuse that I can see...

And the kids -- and adults -- just loved it! They only do three races in a day, well spaced out. Again, the track is small. (You could set it up in a back yard, for example.) The animals were housed inside a comfortable area with fans between the races, so they were probably more comfortable than fair attendees. Hahaha.

It was a BEAUTIFUL summer day today! Perfect, deep blue skies and loads of sunshine. And the breeze at the fair was fabulous. In fact, sometimes it was blowing us away! It literally grabbed our hats and blew them across the ground so we had to chase them -- and another woman had to catch them for us! So part of the time we had to carry them.

Marilyn was wearing her new hat that we bought recently (cute fedora-style straw hat) and I had on my black cowboy hat that we bought at this same fair last year (which I love). I wore my cowboy boots, too! (smile)

We came home and I almost immediately took a very long nap! I was exhausted. But happy! I really wanted to go to that fair again.

We're already looking at future county fairs to attend, we both love them so much...

June has been checking up on me -- she's worried, the sweet thing. She contacted me both yesterday and today just to check in and see how I'm doing. And Marilyn, too, for that matter! Isn't that nice? Sister Sue has been checking on both of us recently, too. It means a lot.

And Marilyn was texting back and forth with our friend Adeena today. We share a common interest in the TV series "Revenge" and are enjoying her viewing of all the episodes. (Marilyn mentioned today that Adeena looks like Emily -- I'd never thought about it before, but it's TRUE!!! Very cool.)

Well, we're off to bed. I think Marilyn wants to go for a walk with Jeff tomorrow. I don't know if that's happening or not.

Speaking of that, I got 4,000 steps today -- that's the first time in ages. I just can't get much exercise now with mono. (That's a very interesting topic, actually! I was just reading more about it...)

Sleep well, friends!
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