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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Jim's Surgery Went Just Fine! 
friend-june, june
I talked with sister Sue today, but she didn't do well at cribbage last night. We were chatting about those Stouffer's dinners -- she loves the stuffed green peppers, too! She even knows how long you cook them by heart (just like I do). Obviously we both eat them often. And now Marilyn is hung up on them, too. (smile)

Jim had his surgery early today to remove the growth that happily is not cancerous! He got to come home same day and is doing pretty well, according to June. She and I talked several times today.

Marilyn was pretty miserable today. Botox on Wednesday and then her dental surgery and massage on Thursday. She was sore all over and exhausted, too. She came home for lunch and took a short nap.

She didn't get home until past 7:00 tonight...

She stopped on the way home and picked up more green peppers plus some frozen corn on the cob. So that's what we had for dinner. Yummy.

We were watching a bunch of HGTV "Love It or List It" -- something we really love.

We tried SEVERAL TIMES tonight to order a movie On Demand and couldn't get it to work. We're actually often disappointed with Xfinity, which really does NOT seem to work well. We tried a different movie and couldn't get that to work, either. I wonder WHY???

I was lying around and resting and sleeping a ton today. I kept falling asleep sitting up!

We were considering going to the event for "Stand By Me" in Brownsville, Oregon tomorrow. But I think we're going to skip it... We still want to go to the Columbia County Fair on Sunday, though.

Time for bed! Goodnight!
July 27, 2016 (Wednesday) 11:17 pm (UTC)
Glad it went well!