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Marilyn's Dental Implant and Massage

Great news! Marilyn's dental implant happened today (finally), and it went really well. Her new front tooth looks wonderful -- and so does she, of course. I'm really happy for her.

I guess the process was quite painful and took some time getting the size and shape correct. And it feels odd to her right now. I figure she'll be great within a few weeks.

She also had her massage this evening, which is always a painful and exhausting experience for her. She's sound asleep as I type this...

We ate Stouffer's Stuffed Green Peppers for dinner tonight -- and we both love them! (Plus they're a pretty healthy choice, too. Calories 150 per serving, two servings per package. Only 7g of sugar and it has 8g of protein.) Anyway, easy to fix and delicious to eat!

We did run to the store after she got home (close to 11:00 p.m.) to get bottled water (Dasani -- our fave) and more apple cider vinegar.

As for me... It's all about mono.

At one point today when I was lying around quietly reading, with a blanket over me (on the upstairs sofa), I remembered a summer when I was a kid where I was sick and inside all the time lying there reading and sleeping. That's how I feel now. The slightest effort doing anything exhausts me. I'm not motivated to do anything. I just want to sleep. I made myself a frozen dinner for lunch, but could only eat half of it. My appetite seems better some of the time, then not so much.

I managed to gather up the garbage and recycling and composting and get it all out. And clean the cat boxes. No big deal, but it totally wore me out.

At one point today I suddenly had a terrible stomachache. I looked it up and did not see stomach pain as a symptom of mono. But at one of those sites where patients list how a certain disease impacts them, I found more than one person who had dealt with stomach pain. So... I'm happy to report that I'm NOT having the stomach pain right now. It was pretty awful for around an hour today.

I wanted to do a few things around the house today, but just couldn't get myself to do anything beyond the garbage (which had to be done).

I'm lucky that right now I can just miss work without any problems. Thank God!

Oh! They may have picked the festival theme for 2017 today. That's exciting news. I can't share, as we keep it totally under wraps until we're ready to reveal it later on. But I like it very much (Marilyn came up with it).

Anyway, that's all for today. It's very late and I need to head to bed.
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