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Botox Party, Cleaning the Downstairs Fridge and No More "Imhotep"

So it's around 1:30 a.m. and Marilyn is playing Zuma on the computer next to me while I blog. In other words, all is right with the world. Hahaha. My world, anyway!

I finished "Imhotep," which I had been crazy about through the first half of the book. Around 68% of the way through there was a development with a character I loved and I almost quit reading at that point. I'm not sure I should have bothered to finish the book, as I really didn't care for the story after that. I'm very disappointed because there's an entire series of books, but I have absolutely NO interest in reading any of the others, now. I was so excited to contact the author at one point. Now I don't see any point in doing that. He's the author -- it's certainly his right to do what he wants with his story. But I remain bitterly disappointed by the outcome of the story. I guess I'll have to 'make up an ending' as Mom once told me when I was a kid. Hahaha. She'd had that experience and told her teacher, who told her if she didn't like the ending to make up her own. She was trying to encourage Mom to write, I guess. I'm not likely to write down another ending, but I think I just might think of one. Well, I won't recommend the book, clearly (as I had once intended to do). I will say it's imaginative, well-written (there are a few mistakes, but not many) and the lead character is very likeable. But if you decide to read it, be aware that it's VERY, VERY VIOLENT. I found it shockingly violent, personally. I shudder thinking of what was done to this character I liked so much. Disgusting. Anyway, that's the last time I'll be writing about that book...

Maybe I'm just intolerant of violence right now. I really want to read some books that are good stories, yes, but entertaining. I have most certainly read plenty of murder mysteries in my life, so violence isn't off limits for me. But we've got loads and loads of violence in our lives with current world events. Maybe I just need escapism, or something...

I slept in (yes, again). It was a LOVELY summer day -- very HOT in the house! I had the AC on a lot today. Obviously I spent some time reading. (smile) I was on my iPad quite a bit (and my desktop computer a little bit, aside from now).

I decided to tackle the downstairs fridge. It was harder than upstairs, I guess partly because I had to drag so much stuff up the staircase to the kitchen to deal with it. I carried several heavy trays full of jars, bottles and containers upstairs.

When I was doing the upstairs fridge, I could pile stuff on the floor. In fact, I could sit on the floor while doing much of it. Downstairs the laundry room has a concrete floor, so it's not very comfy to sit on. Hahaha.

Right now the downstairs fridge is VERY empty. This is a storage fridge. We keep extra pop there cooling, and beer when we have it in the house. Leftovers often go there. And yogurt and Jello. Salsa and condiments.

There were tons of jars of OLD pickles and olives and so on. I don't know why I'd never gotten around to clearing them out before. But today I went right down to the basics, which is why it's currently so empty. We can now get spare pop to store chilling (we have pop upstairs, too -- that's what we're currently using). If you're unlikely enough not to have a second fridge, let me just say it's lovely to be able to store leftover food there! I can take large quantities of whatever (say spaghetti, or takeout food) and it will all fit there. We're very spoiled, as we've had a second fridge since living in this house (for a couple of decades). So we kept the old fridge at the beach house and have a second fridge there, too (it's in the garage). Seriously, once you get used to that second fridge, you just feel like you can't live without it. When our downstairs fridge went out we were pretty quick to replace it. (grin)

Maybe it is just being spoiled. But lots of people have freezers. And one of the benefits of two fridges is they each have a freezer for storing frozen food.

Marilyn and I are NOT 'tiny house' people, to say the least. We've downsized a ton and plan to downsize more, but we still enjoy lots of space. And that's that.

I've got a big pile of glass containers. Well, I already had quite a few, and now it's at least double that. Look out glass recyclers! Hahaha. And there's a lot of composting waiting outside.

Mainly, I feel really accomplished, having gotten something DONE for a change. This mono messes with my energy AND my motivation. I could sleep all day long, I swear.

Marilyn and I headed out around 5:00-ish to Summer's shop (Marilyn's hair dresser) for the Botox Party tonight. That's early for us, but it had started at 4:30. We took along a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine, and I drank a LOT of champagne (which I love). Anyway, we got our botox done for another several months, so we're good to go.

Lots of people are nervous about it, I know, as you do get stuck with a needle several times during the session. It's really not that painful as a rule. I was a bit more sensitive to it today, though. I actually found it pretty painful today. Marilyn was surprised that I barely bled at all, as I'm a bleeder and usually bleed a lot.

It's fun hanging out with a bunch of other women who are all willing to try doing things to make themselves look better. One woman was telling us about an alternative eyebrow treatment that sounds better than tattooing, for example. Two of the women there had eyelash extensions on -- wow, are those amazing! Obviously there's a lot of dyeing of hair and interesting haircuts. Lots of lovely manicures. Some of us have had 'permanent' makeup applied (again, tattoos). There was talk about treatment for varicose veins and skin treatments. And we eat and drink and joke and laugh a lot. And that's the 'party' part. (smile)

I was a bit drunk after that. We stopped at a store to try and get more bottled water (that they didn't have when we went to Walmart) -- again they were out! Annoying. But I saw a darling Hawaiian shirt and just put it right on! Hahaha. So Marilyn bought it for me. (Again, I was a bit drunk...)

I came home and had a nap. Um, I MAY have actually passed out. Well, maybe not. But I was sure ready to take a nice nap! (grin) Marilyn had a nap, too. Marilyn was totally sober. I don't think she had more than maybe a swallow of red wine...

Tomorrow she gets her tooth! Please pray with us that it goes well!!! I'm so hopeful for her.

She's going to get a massage tomorrow night, which she really, really needs...

And we're off to bed! Goodnight!
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