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Tired Tonight -- Actually Did Some Things Today!

Marilyn is playing Zuma beside me as I type. I have to tell you I really LOVE that! (grin) I don't know why I love it so much. But I do. The nights were she comes in the office to keep me company are just awesome, that's all...

And then I look over at her game every now and then and that's the cherry on top. (smile)

We're very, very lucky to have an office in our home, I think. I've certainly spent hours and hours of my life sitting here in this spot in front of my computer, which faces the front windows. These are covered by blinds, so it's not like I'm staring outside or anything. But this room is bright and cheery. The TV is on my left and up in the air (on top of the four-drawer file cabinets). So we don't usually watch it, but we listen to it a lot...

I just gave us a jolt of air, as it's 84' upstairs (right now). The cool air feels damn good.

As for my book, it took a dark turn. I was LOVING it, and now I'm not sure if I even like it that much. (sigh) I almost quit reading it after one of the characters I loved was violently brutalized. I'm sure it's realistic, but I hated it and still hate it. Sad turn of events! It's "Imhotep" by Jerry Dubs, for the record. I was originally looking forward to reading more of his books. But now I just don't know.

Laughing at "Frasier" which is playing in the background right now...

It's currently 12:30. We both woke up after naps. Marilyn took sister Sue to her appointment this morning and then went right back to work. She did get home by around 6:00 p.m., which is nice!

I slept in, but when I finally got up I got a bee in my bonnet about cleaning out the fridge upstairs. It's needed it for AGES, but I just couldn't face it. The fatigue of mono really de-motivates, I kid you not...

So at one point the kitchen floor was covered with jars, bottles and containers. I spent ages cleaning out pickles and salsa and sauces and jelly and on and on! And piling up old food to go in composting, and other food to go out for the local critters to eat. I had a bunch of empty glass containers for the recycling and piles of containers to add to the dishwasher. I can't lie -- it's not one of my favorite jobs. But wow! It sure feels good when the fridge is emptied out and there's room to put things again!!! (woo hoo)

Now I need to tackle the fridge downstairs. I just didn't have enough energy to get to it today.

I also had a writing project I had to tackle in the afternoon, so I was sitting here at the computer. And I worked on my email both at work and home, too.

Marilyn and I ate leftovers with our fresh corn on the cob for dinner. She had meatballs and I had a hot dog. And the corn was lovely!

I just searched for the LAST time we had corn, but couldn't find it! Annoying. I wanted to see if I'd mentioned HOW we cook the corn. I do it in the microwave and it's pretty simple. In this case, we bought the corn in the produce department, and it was already CLEANED! (woo hoo) No, it's not that hard to clean, but it's sure nice when it's all ready to go. For the way I cook it, it needs to have the husk and silk off. I wet paper towels, wrap the ears and cook two at a time (so we can both eat at the same time, good deal). Then it goes in the microwave and cooks for four minutes, gets turned, cooks for four more minutes and is ready for butter, salt and pepper. Yummy!

I cut Marilyn's off the cob for her and eat mine the usual way...

Adeena and I chatted on the phone for more than two hours today -- just lovely.

Well, that's it for today. Boring, right? Hahaha.

I also chatted with Kris, who had wanted to see me for lunch today (had I been at work). I suggested tomorrow, but he's out of town. Maybe next week...

Marilyn said I didn't need to come in tomorrow as planned, so I'll stay home. We have our botox appointment after work tomorrow night. So now she'll have to come get me -- otherwise we'd have been able to go directly there from work.

And that means I don't have to go wash my hair and do it now -- instead I'll do it tomorrow sometime...

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