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Marilyn Monday: Dentist, Starbucks, TV

I had to use my 'Hot Stuff' icon of Sonny Crockett from the movie "Miami Vice," made in 2006 -- wow, how time flies!!! We've just been watching the film, which we know really, really well. It was one of our 'fetish films' (as Marilyn and I call them) -- movies we just adore and love to watch again and again and again.

We were huge fans of the television series, too. They did an amazing job with the movie -- and we were ready to be picky about it! But it's beautifully filmed. Worth all the times we've watched it and will watch it again in the future! (smile)

It's Marilyn Monday! One of the great reasons to love July and summer. Actually, a great reason for loving this entire time of year (from July to December), when we get that extra day off. It's hard to even say how much we both love it.

We work hard all year long. But especially January through June. And Marilyn Mondays are part of the pay off for all the hard work. Of course, there's still tons of work to get done -- and we'll do just that in the four days a week we do work. (We'll put in the extra hours, regardless of the day, in order to make it work...)

Slept in late (again) today. And were up late (again) last night. We love staying up all night whenever we can, and that's just the truth about us. Last night we re-watched the 2008 movie "21," which features actors Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey (and many more). The story is based on a book, which is based on real people. It's about an MIT professor who creates a team from students of 'counters' -- people who go to Las Vegas and gamble by counting cards -- meaning there's really no gambling involved. It's not against the law to count cards, but if the casinos catch you there's hell to pay!

Marilyn and I originally saw this movie at the show with our sister Sue. Anyway, we liked it then and still do. It might not be a perfect film (it was controversial regarding racism that I was totally unaware of back when it was released), but it's very entertaining. And we're fans of Jim Sturgess (who was the lead in the film "Across the Universe," the 2007 romantic drama musical that features songs by the Beatles -- we love that movie!). Plus who doesn't love Kevin Spacey?

Anyway, both movies ("21" and "Across the Universe") are really worth seeing. Yeah, they're both around 10 years old, but if you haven't seen them, you might give them a try. And if you've seen them before, they're worth seeing again! (smile) The same is true for "Miami Vice," by the way. Again, nearly 10 years old, but still.

Marilyn had a dentist appointment (to get her teeth cleaned) today at 3:00. So we headed over. When I got there, I remembered that the last time I was there I had low blood sugar. And today I'd taken my pills before leaving the house, but hadn't eaten all day.

This not eating thing may sound odd, but part of mono is a lack of appetite. Plus I've been dealing with a lot of nausea (another part of mono) and throwing up after eating. A lot. So I'm really not pushing eating when I don't feel like it.

That said, I had planned to grab a yogurt as we took off and just forgot (we were in a hurry). So when Marilyn went back, I asked about where I could get coffee. There's a Starbucks two blocks away, so I walked over there. I didn't know then that Marilyn has spent a lot of time over the years in that Starbucks! Anyway, it was a nice walk and it's a very nice Starbucks. So I got us both coffee and myself something to eat.

Back at the dentist office, I ended up chatting with two men in the waiting room. We were having such a good time and laughing and enjoying ourselves so much that one of the assistants came and said she felt like she should be serving us cocktails. And Marilyn said her dentist remarked that his brother was one of the men and normally a quiet person -- but let's just say we three weren't quiet at all. I really enjoyed the interaction! Fun.

Weird Moment: While walking to Starbucks I see our car -- with Marilyn driving -- coming down the street! Same exact car, and a blond woman behind the wheel. Only, of course, it wasn't Marilyn and it wasn't our car. Really surreal. Hahaha.

After the dentist we headed to get gas. We also went to the bank so I could (finally!!!) deposit my check from the festival. And we picked up a couple of things from the store, including flowers for Marilyn's office. Then headed home.

I had to rest a bit when we got back. I have to REST all the time now. I get dizzy (yes, another part of mono) and I get very tired. But then I made the hot dogs with corn flake crumbs (so very tasty) for dinner, along with green beans.

Then it was time for American Ninja Warrior!!! We were both tired and planning to nap and tape it, but ended up staying up to watch the entire show (which is two hours). We just love that show. I'm not kidding.

Sue called during it, as we got her watching the show last year.

How can you NOT love this show? Men and women are challenged to take part. But they do NOT compete in the traditional sense. They frequently TRAIN TOGETHER. Many of them live together. All of them seem to pull for one another to do well! It's not like shows where contestants will do anything to win, including constantly lying to one another and treating one another like crap. It's the exact opposite! It's always inspirational. They have amazing stories and come from every walk of life. Aside from enjoying seeing them try to beat the various obstacles, it's just wonderful to get to know them -- their families and their friends! And I dare you to try not to be inspired by their efforts. By the various people who inspire each of them. Sisters, wives, children, grandparents, other competitors. What a great show...

One of the high points of my day? I used our fancy Fitbit scale to weigh myself today and I'm down another two pounds. I don't even know when I last weighed this much, but it has to have been years ago...

The soundtrack for "Miami Vice" is fabulous, by the way. We still listen to songs from it frequently...

Well, Marilyn has washed her hair and is playing Zuma while I blog. Then we'll be off to bed.

Tomorrow is a work day (obviously). But I won't be going in. Marilyn will go in early, then take sister Sue to her sleep study appointment at 10:30 (Marilyn has it in her notes that she's supposed to be there at 10:15). Anyway, she's trying to get her CPAP machine back again, which she needs. (Hopefully she'll use it this time around.)

I guess Sue didn't do well at cribbage this past weekend. Neither did her granddaughter Madyson. But her son Larry did have some luck.

We're expecting some hot days coming up this week, I guess.

I really need to get Hector out to do our lawn. The weeds are VERY TALL!!!

Good night and sweet dreams!
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