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Party, Shopping and a Movie!

Today was our friend Angel's 60th birthday.

We both slept in after being awake most of the night (yes, again). We got up and had peanut butter toast and tea and watched some TV. We eventually slept until time to get ready to go to Angel's party (which started at 7:00). We ran to the store to get cards and stopped at Starbucks to get him cards as gifts. Then headed over to the party, arriving by 7:30.

Tons of our friends were there. We were at a table with David (Mayor Harry), Candee (Queen Thelma) and her husband, Roger, Pete and his wife Laurel. Later Jeff and Adeena came and I moved to another table (we were out of room at the one table). I was doing that for Jeff, but ended up there with Adeena. Later Merrily and Trudy (and her husband) joined that table. And I was back and forth between the two tables all night long.

Christine was there, Leslie was there, Carol and Brian were there, as were Larry and Sue, Steven and Michelle, members of Angel's family (including wife Kathy and son Taylor -- whom Marilyn and I know), and a TON of other people. It was a very good crowd!

The food was AMAZING!!! This venue has a fantastic bar, and I immediately opened a tab and bought a lot of drinks for other people during the night. I had a glass of champagne and made it last. But later I did get a rum punch (Jeff insisted on buying it for me), which I didn't even finish half of. That's okay! I had planned to drink freely, but it's probably just as well...

There was music and dancing -- and I danced quite a bit! In fact, I was on my feet most of the night. (And wearing higher heels than I usually do.) I only got a tad dizzy once -- and that was probably because it was VERY HOT in the room. Thankfully a door was finally opened and a breeze helped that situation.

We ended up staying through the entire party (it ran until past 11:00). We were just having such a great time!!!

After we got home we just dropped off our meatballs and cupcakes (everybody took home food) and then grabbed our grocery list and drove over to Washington to shop at Walmart. We got most of our groceries (THANKFULLY!!!) -- it really filled the car. (We were out of everything, I swear! Bread, milk, beans, veggies, butter, CAT FOOD, pop, bottled water, cat water and on and on.) It was funny to be shopping in our nice clothes (party clothes), but what the heck.

So were both sore after being on our feet for hours at the party and walking all over the store shopping. But what the heck. We can sleep all day tomorrow if we want to.

Then after unpacking everything, Marilyn put on the movie "Concussion," and we watched that into the wee hours. Hahaha.

We'd both wanted to see it for ages. And I'd like to know WHY Will Smith didn't win the Academy Award for this movie! Oh, yeah. He didn't even get a nomination!!!!!!!! Really??? I don't blame his wife for boycotting. I mean, seriously. Whether you like the movie or not, his acting was incredible.

It's a really good film. Not perfect by any means, but Will's acting alone was worth seeing. And the subject matter? We should all be aware of the facts about concussions and the aftermath caused by football.

Now I'm finally blogging (it's nearly 5:00 a.m.). And I have to tell you, I've held up really well today! I guess it was because we arranged to get so much sleep before going out (good thing!!!).

Forgot to mention that Kathy (Angel's wife) made the cupcakes for the party. Delicious!

Marilyn showed me a couple of selfies that included me, because she wanted me to see how good I looked tonight. (By the way, I thought she looked wonderful -- but she always does!) As for me, my FACE honestly does look much skinnier right now -- and I'm a person with a pretty fat face, as a rule, so that's saying something. So, yeah, I was happy with how I looked tonight. I did spend some time on my makeup and hair and picking out my clothes. I didn't get any photos of either Marilyn or me, though, myself. (Too bad.) Oh well. You know, I haven't felt all that attractive this year. It was nice to have a 'good looking' night. Hahaha.

I hope sister Sue is having a good time at her cribbage tournament. I forgot to mention that she took first place on Thursday night at her club.

Still fighting ants a bit, but it could be worse...

So, I think that pretty much covers our day, anyway. We should head to bed soon...
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