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Friday: Marilyn Goes Back to Work -- I Do Website Work

Just to be clear, yeah, I'm still really puny. (I even had to make a new icon for that.) I guess this is my new norm. Hahaha. Oh well.

Marilyn went back to work today. Pretty courageous of her, with very little sleep (and she didn't eat at all our day long). And she didn't come home until around 7:30 p.m. (we were joking that she got to come home before 8:00 p.m.).

I slept in. It's pretty amazing how much I can sleep right now.

I'm still reading "Imhotep," by author Jerry Dubs. I can't say how much I'm enjoying it. I wish my friend Mitch was still alive so I could tell him about this book (or even buy it for him -- hard copy, of course). I think he would have loved it as much as I do. Mitch has been gone since August 2012. (He may have died in July -- the date is uncertain, as he was found dead in his home long after passing.)

This gives me the chance to say that even though it's not horribly painful anymore to think about Mitch, I believe Marilyn and I will miss him for the rest of our lives. He was a dear, dear friend. And we knew him most of our lives. And shared many things in common with him. He and Marilyn were in the same class in high school. He was my doubles partner for tennis for years. We were friends with his family, not just Mitch. It was a huge loss. Really huge. There will always be more friends, but it's impossible to have another friend who shared our history the way Mitch did...

Marilyn sent out the notification of the death of our dear friend Bill today. She did a wonderful job. It's not easy to express such loss as beautifully as she managed. She wrote: "But in my opinion his most significant contribution to our lives was his amazing spirit, his intelligent wit and his infectious smile." (This after describing his contributions to the festival. Many of the members of our staff would not have known him well... The same for our board members.) His memorial will be Saturday, August 6. His daughter Kelly was a Queen back in 1988. His wife, Norma, is also very important to the festival and a dear friend. Such a loss. I wish him well in heaven -- I wonder if he and Mitch can meet up for a game of tennis? (smile)

Talked to sister Sue this morning. She was leaving for a cribbage tournament with Madyson (her granddaughter) today. I hope they both have a great time! I also talked to our friend Adeena at length (which was nice as it had been some time since we chatted). And I spoke with our friend June, too.

June and I were chatting about Marilyn, who was interviewed by local TV today about the situation in Nice, as it relates to the festival. She said: "We cannot lose what's very important, that special events are essential to our quality of life. We are not going to lose those despite all of the horrible things that are happening around the globe."

She did her usual great job (she's very good on TV and radio) and I liked what she said. After 9-11 she was in contact with the local FBI, as the festival is important enough to the Pacific Northwest to be considered a possible soft target. Awful, isn't it? The idea that terrorists target festivals and other celebrations is pretty terrible...

My appetite is still messed up. I had my curry noodles that I make in a small bowl for a very late lunch and couldn't finish them. It was a late lunch because I just wasn't hungry. (I didn't eat a bite until after 3:00 p.m.)

Marilyn and I ate sandwiches we bought at McDonald's yesterday for dinner tonight. After dinner we were both falling asleep, so we went for a nap...

My work today??? I had a very complicated update to do at the festival website. I had to do the actual page (many, many tweaks and changes). Then it had to be added back into the navigation (I'm the only one in the office who understands how to add items to the menu). Then it needed to be added into the Tout (it's a carousel of selected events on our Home page). Then I needed to rearrange where it was located on our Buy > Tickets page (complicated -- and I had trouble getting it to work). Anyway, I finally got it all done.

Then there was a question about something I was supposed to put up on the Employment page. Jeff had mentioned it to Carol who mentioned it to me. Turns out I was never GIVEN the actual item in the first place, which Marilyn ended up doing today! I promised Jeff when I spoke to him that I'd get it done tonight. I did, but well past midnight...

Talked to Jeff -- we were howling with laughter. His 'boys trip' in the RV has turned into a family trip. He's pretty disappointed, needless to say. And he was supposed to leave in the morning (Saturday), but when he got the RV back from some fixes, it was infested with mice!!! He's now got to take care of that and get it cleaned out tomorrow, so they're leaving Sunday morning, instead.

The good news is he'll be able to go to Angel's 60th birthday party tomorrow night -- and we're looking forward to hanging out with him there. We've missed him -- and he's missed both of us, too. Adeena will be there, as well, and we're looking forward to seeing her, too.

Marilyn is off to bed -- she just came to tell me, as it's past 3:00 a.m. now (!!!). Damn, I feel bad keeping her awake like this! On that note, goodnight.
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