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Tired and Tired.

The highlight of my day? Marilyn and I both showered and dressed and actually took a short drive. We took cans and bottles to the BottleDrop and then went to McDonald's and got sandwiches. (Yes, Marilyn was home again today. It's been a rough week.)

The other highlights were talking to both sister Sue and my friend June on the phone...

I spent a lot of time SLEEPING again today. After we went out today, I promptly came home and fell asleep sitting up in front of the TV. Good grief. Even showering and drying my hair wears me out.

The ants were back shortly late today. I found a bunch on the kitchen counter!!! So I opened the window and sprayed the sill, then covered my face and went outside and sprayed the outside of the window. I think I got most of them, anyway. Happily there is no sign of them in the living room around the cat's food.

Loving my book!!! I almost forgot to mention that I'm LOVING the novel I'm reading, "Imhotep." There was a WONDERFUL development today. (I was about half way through and reasoned something important out right before it happened!) And Marilyn is very much enjoying reading "Cashelmara."

I need to go do the composting and recycling as it's garbage night. Taking out garbage can wait (it's not 'real' garbage week). But I have a pile of berries and stuff that need composting, so off I go.
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