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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Poor Marilyn. Sleepy Day, Pretty Much... 
TMI - v1
Marilyn was home from work sick again.

But we were up all night again last night. Partly might fault. I got very nauseous and then... TMI...







...I was throwing up like crazy. Just really tossing up HARD. It was painful and I was mainly throwing up bile. It appears it was a blood sugar swing (high). I've been running high, I think from the joint pain (pain really elevates blood sugar, believe it or not). I probably ate too much, too, though. It's hard to say, sometimes.

Marilyn and I were talking about how this throwing up thing has been happening with me for well over a decade -- long before I became diabetic. Anyway, it was bad last night.

Anyway, she still felt crummy today and stayed home and stayed DOWN. Turns out there was a meeting in the afternoon and Katie contacted me about it. I told her they'd have to have it without her, but they decided to cancel. Marilyn said this meeting was a couple of weeks early, so I guess that was okay...

But she wasn't going anywhere today, that's for sure.

We both slept in and slept much of the day. Watched some TV and read and read.

I had a BAD sore throat again today and at one point I just had some hot tea and went back to bed. All I felt like doing was reading (a little) and SLEEPING (a lot).

Not sure if Marilyn will go back to work tomorrow or not... She says yes, but if she's not feeling better, that doesn't make sense to me. She has TONS AND TONS of sick time, I'm sure. If not, she has loads of vacation (and rarely ever uses it all up in a year).

I wonder if you can get laryngitis twice in a row? I sure hope I don't get it again. (sigh)

Didn't even consider sitting up to the computer to do my work for the office today. Oh well. I guess it will just have to wait.

Stay healthy, everybody!!!
July 15, 2016 (Friday) 12:04 am (UTC)
I hope you're both feeling better soon!