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Little to Report: Marilyn is Sick

It's past 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Marilyn is sick, so we're still up. The same was true last night this time. We did try getting to bed much earlier Monday night, but she's really NOT feeling well. Something gastrointestinal...

Monday: Marilyn and I did very little. She was under the weather all day long. I guess she has some bug in her intestines... She's had a lot of stomach pain and other associated discomforts. I think she's had a bug for some time, but it's worse now. As for me, I'm pretty convinced I do have mono. My friend June brought it up some time ago, and Marilyn did shortly after that. I was confused -- I thought mono was a disease that only teens and kids got. What an idiot, huh? So now I've been reading up on it a lot. Anyway, it would totally explain my continuing sore throat, small cough, constant fatigue, fevers and joint pain... There's NO TREATMENT for mono. You just have to ride it out. Get a lot of rest (I saw 'bed rest' over and over again). Oh well. (The good news is that it says you can only have it once in your life. I was pleased to hear that!!!)

I did make mizithra cheese spaghetti yesterday, and Marilyn had some. She doesn't normally eat pasta (which doesn't agree with her), but she figured under the circumstances it didn't matter much...

Tuesday: Marilyn stayed home from work. She had an important lunch meeting, but wouldn't have been comfortable eating anywhere away from home today, anyway. She just didn't feel up to getting out of bed, frankly.

I baked some brownies today. There's nothing that matches homemade brownies -- you simply can't buy anything even in the ballpark taste-wise. Just a small pan, but yummy.

And I did cook dinner. But we ate very little most of the day, really.

(Another side effect of mono is lack of appetite...)

Marilyn has been reading a lot during vacation. She's not much of a reader normally, so this is nice. She's re-reading a book from years back and enjoying it.

Recently my friend June had mentioned a book to me on Kindle. I discovered I'd downloaded it last year, so I started to read it. And then I found I'd actually already read it! Sometimes the way Kindle works you can't always tell you've finished a book...

A very, very dear friend passed early this morning. We're both really sad about it. I can't believe we'll never see Bill's smiling face again. (His memorial will be in August.) He had fought off cancer for some time, so I guess I started to believe he'd last forever...

Watched a lot of "Leave it to Beaver" both yesterday and today.

Marilyn and I are big fans of Jessie Graff, from American Ninja Warrior. Last night she was one of only TWO people to get through one of the new obstacles!!! A woman!!! She's just amazing. It was wonderful seeing her accomplish that. We don't have a lot of friends/family who watch the show. We think it's very inspiring and love hearing the stories of the contestants. Plus they are all SO SUPPORTIVE of one another! There's none of the crap you see on so many shows where people lie to each other and do everything they can to make others fail. These contestants pull for one another and train together and cheer for each other! It's wonderful. It's too bad there can't be more shows like this that inspire people of all ages in positive ways.

That's it for these two days. I'm washing a load of dishes and ready to head to bed soon.

Today while making brownies, I lost control of the bowl and actually DROPPED IT into the pan when I was pouring the mix inside. What a mess. I just don't begin to have my normal strength, and that's all there is to it. I can't wait to start feeling stronger and more normal.

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