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Where Did SATURDAY Go??? Quiet Sunday.

Very odd. I KNOW I blogged last night. But I have no idea what happened to my Saturday entry...

Saturday (July 9):
Yesterday was quiet. We stayed in all day and spent ages sleeping.

We did very little besides playing on our iPads, reading, watching TV and napping. We didn't even get out of our pajamas all day long. It was lovely.

We both did a little bit of writing, aside from reading. That was fun, too. We haven't written any fanfic in some time. I guess we'd both like to get back to it.

And of course we watched Wimbledon tennis.

Sunday (July 10):
Today was quiet, as well. Pretty much a repeat of yesterday. We did have a small bowl of our Blue Bunny ice cream, though. And homemade popcorn. Otherwise we ate leftovers and enjoyed them.

It was wonderful to see Andy Murray win Wimbledon. All in all we enjoyed the Wimbledon tennis this year and were happy with the winners.

Again we didn't get dressed and didn't go out.

We've had a super-relaxed vacation were we basically hibernated the entire time. Except for going to the Clown dinner (a work-related obligation that we couldn't get out of) and running a few errands (like getting our manicures and pedicures and doing some shopping) we've stayed home. No dinners out, no movie dates, no visiting friends, nothing.

It was just what the doctor ordered. It wasn't what we'd planned, as we had expected to spend time at the beach house. But we needed REST. We needed RELAXATION. We needed time along to do nothing.

The months leading up to now are always hard and were especially hard in 2016. The added emotions about the state of world affairs had made this a very difficult year.

Anyway, it's almost time to go back to work. That's the hard part.

But the nice thing? As it's now July, we'll have Marilyn Mondays to look forward to for the next six months. Thank God. How we need that extra day of each week!!! Starting with tomorrow, by the way.

It's currently going on 3:00 a.m. and we've been watching an old horror movie. We need to head to bed, so off we go.

Love to all of our local friends and family who are probably wondering WHERE THE HELL WE'VE BEEN for our entire vacation. I'm sure we'll be seeing all of you quite soon. We just needed a break from everything and everybody. And tons and tons of sleep -- at least I got that, but I'm not sure about Marilyn. She didn't nap like I did this afternoon and evening, she said she kept waking up. I was sound asleep for hours and hours. It's heaven.

I still don't get where my ORIGINAL Saturday entry went to! But nothing in life is perfect...

I hope my friends (and family) everywhere (local and not) are having a good summer (or winter, if you're down under). Staying healthy and getting loads of wonderful sleep! Happy dreams!
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