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Pouring Rain -- Attending the Clown Dinner

This was a quiet day. I slept into the early afternoon. Of course, I was up all night.

I got very upset and emotional about the state of the world. The reminders of 1968 are not lost on Marilyn nor me. That was a terrible time and we're in the middle of the same.

For the record, I'm not in position where I can discuss the politics of what's been going on. I have many, many friends of color -- and specifically many black friends. I love them dearly. Some of them are a part of my extended family. I also associate with a number of police and have close friends who are police. Marilyn and I are talking about it a great deal. I can't really imagine what it's like to be racially profiled. But I'm part American Indian, so I'm racially mixed. But I don't appear physically to be anything but white. I have had friends treated with violence and disrespect because of their color. Unfairly made to lie in the street -- simply because of the color of their skin. There are police who profile others. There are police who are violent. They use their position of authority to bully others -- especially blacks. But they are not all police. I do not support such treatment of blacks.

Nor do I support violence against police. What happened in Dallas is terrible.

Violence is not the answer to violence. But you can't blame people for wanting everyone to PAY ATTENTION to the unfair treatment. No one should be afraid they might die because of the color of their skin.

And what about Paris? Orlando? Should people die because they're homosexual? What about Istanbul? Americans always focus on terrible events inside our own country, but lives -- and deaths -- everywhere are the concern of all of us. Indians like to say 'walk a mile in our moccasins.' I guess we need to think about that long and hard. It can be easiest to view events from our own perspectives, whatever that might be. It's harder to try and see things as others do -- especially if those others are really different from us. Give peace a chance. We've been saying that since I was a kid -- back when we started wearing peace symbols around our necks and on our clothes. We flashed the peace symbol with our fingers. We said the word 'peace' all the time. We handed people flowers. Some of us put flowers into the barrels of guns. No, it's NOT easy to love others. Even if you're like me and you do have a large circle of people that you love, there's always going to be those people you're reluctant to know, much less try to love. But we need to try. Maybe trying is the most important part, really. Making an effort to get to know others. Especially people who differ from us. Giving peace a chance means learning to at least LIKE others.

I'm going to try harder to be kind to those around me. That's the first step, I think. Small gestures of kindness to others. To everybody we encounter during the day. Not making a nasty crack about some bad driver who cuts us off in traffic. Not being rude to our waiter or waitress. Not being impatient with the checker at the store. Greeting our neighbors and those who walk down the street. Listening to others when they talk to us and giving them a chance to share their thoughts.

I'm sick of the blood, and pain, and violence. I'm tired of the bullying. It was bad enough to bully each other when we were children, but adult bullies are far, far worse. The thing now is that it's very hard to know what to say. If we stand up for one group, are we ignoring the other side? Does somebody have to be left out of our concern and love? Does somebody have to end up hurt and betrayed? This is very political. It's easy to say or do the wrong thing, whether we mean well or not. I'm afraid. I'm afraid for my friends and loved ones who are in danger. I suppose when you come right down to it, we're all in danger. But I refuse to minimize the danger of black men and women, which is very real. Truly, I don't want to be yet another white person who looks the other way. I didn't mean to get this involved. That's exactly the opposite of what I was going to do. Forgive me, please. And I know this is sensitive and you all have strong and probably emotional opinions about what's happening. I value your thoughts, as I do my own. And I'm CONFUSED. I do not have any answers or solutions, believe me. I wish I knew what I should say or do -- I do not.

Marilyn and I had the Clown Corps Dinner tonight, which Angel planned specially so that Marilyn could attend and speak. She made the point that during difficult times the ability to make people happy is very important. People need to join together in community and celebrate humanity in all the ways possible. Events are essential -- as Marilyn has pointed out repeatedly this year.

I was proud of what she had to say. And I'm proud of our clowns who have been making people happy and bringing people together for almost a decade.

Anyway, the dinner was the awards dinner for the clowns, where Angel passes out about a hundred awards (I'm exaggerating a bit). It's at Izzy's, and I must say I really like the food.

It was POURING DOWN RAIN today. We were both out in the rain on the way to the dinner.

Home again and doing nothing. We didn't think soon enough about going to the movie, "The Secret Life of Pets" which opened today. We're looking forward to seeing it...

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