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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Finally: Marilyn and I Get Our Pedicures and Manicures! 
Another lazy vacation day, for the most part.

I made more of Mom's hot dogs with the coating that are so good -- and we had fried cabbage with them today, which Marilyn helped me cook. Gosh, we both love cabbage so much (it's a real treat).

We were playing on our iPads a lot today...

Finally we phoned to see how late our nail shop was open. When we found out they didn't close until 8:00, we put it off until late (avoiding rush hour traffic which is terrible that direction). But we did go over! And it was about time we got our nails done, at long last.

Our manicures were really grown out. Plus I had a pretty smashed up nail on one finger. It's hard to do things when your nails get that long. And you get sick of the color, too.

Marilyn got purple on both toes and fingers. I got gold on my toes (an old favorite), and a sparkle hot pink on my nails. We're both happy with how they turned out.

We had hamburger patties for dinner. And leftover cake, with vanilla ice cream. A splurge, no doubt, but it is vacation. (smile)

Now I need to go do the garbage and recycling (it's real garbage week).

Venus lost at Wimbledon today, sadly. We really wanted her to make the finals. Oh well.

Marilyn is playing Zuma beside me now. (smile) We really enjoy that old game. We've certainly gotten our money's worth from buying that game, after all these years playing it.

Rain today. In fact, I imagine it's raining now. Dad must be smiling down from heaven. (grin) Our joke that it 'always rains on garbage night' still makes me smile -- and think of him.

Goodnight, dear friends.
July 8, 2016 (Friday) 09:45 am (UTC)
Glad your vacation is going well!