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Good News! And Shopping Can Be Fun...

First off, good news! Jim heard back about his biopsy, and there's no cancer!!! (woo hoo) We're so pleased. We'll keep those prayers going, just the same. (smile)

Marilyn and I spent another very lazy day, for the most part. Sleeping and watching TV.

But we did both take showers and wash our hair. And we went out for Starbucks (she had a Latte, I had Chia tea). Plus we went to Freddies for some groceries, and Riteaid to pick up more prescriptions...

We were just playing some Zuma (Marilyn still is). And we did play on our iPads today, too.

In other good news, Adeena has her first smart phone (iPhone) as of today!!! Well, she got the phone some time back, but it was finally activated today! (woo hoo) We're very happy for her.

The war with the ants continues. I used the 'tape method' to get rid of a few dozen more ants. Which may seem like a lot, but really isn't compared to what I had last night. There were NO ants on the counter in the kitchen today -- which tells me the poison around the window is working well.

There are still a few ants running around in the living room. But there aren't any coming in under the front door that I can see. I think these ants are 'left over' from the ants from last night. They're going back and forth seeking food -- and I've cleaned up any sign of food. They can't slip out the way they came in, because I highly poisoned the door sill (bottom part of the door). So they won't go near it. I should just try and kill off the last of them, I guess.

I hate it when I start feeling sorry for the ants. I hate to think of any living thing starving. I know that's ridiculous. I mean, I'm constantly killing ants. But I prefer to kill them quickly, which seems more decent, somehow. It's why I hate those sticky traps for mice, by the way. (ugh) And the tape method may seem like that, but it's NOT. You press down hard and crush them. They don't lie there moving on the tape when you 'catch' them... Okay, ignore this. I'm out to KILL ANTS. And even though I sometimes waver, I know there's only one attitude that's going to work. I have to kill them, or we'd simply have to live with them -- and that's NOT happening!

By the way, Marilyn and I are both crazy about Sirius Radio!!! We have it in our new car. And I'm thinking we need to get the App, too (for our iPhones). We set up a bunch of channels today. Very fun.

Well, that's it for today!

Sleep well and stay healthy. Marilyn and I are both still feeling under the weather. But at least my laryngitis appears to be gone. (But NOT my sore throat.)
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