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Nice Fourth of July! Plus: Battle of the Ants!!!

Marilyn and I had a nice Fourth of July! At one point we were in the car riding around and listening to the 60's channel on the radio and singing along and really enjoying ourselves. We did what we do during a stay-cation: Watched TV, played on our iPads, played Zuma, read and slept.

But we did go out and run a few errands. It wore me out as I'm still puny. But it was FUN!!! We each got a cute hat at Target. Plus we went to Starbucks and had coffee -- very nice!

We had on Americana clothes, as we generally do on the Fourth. Also fun!

And tonight we watched the local fireworks (in Vancouver). Then the end of the Macy's fireworks show in New York (they had rain there).

And right now (it's 2:30 a.m.) I just got done with a HUGE battle against a few hundred ants that were in the living room of our house. They 'found' the plate of potato chip crumbs we give the cats (who love these), plus the upstairs cat food station. Little wonder the cats were crying at me for what seemed like no reason. They really HATE IT when ants get in their food!!!

The down and dirty desperate battle is to use a dust pan to quickly sweep them up -- then wash them down the drain. I've found that drowning ants is a very quick and simple solution. (Whenever they're on the counter in our bathrooms, I just wet a finger, pick them up and wash them down. Goodbye, ants.

My main thing is not to use any poison inside the house. I've only ever done it once, and it was in an area that the cats couldn't possibly get near. Otherwise, no go. I finish up by getting big strips of clear packing tape and then 'grabbing' them with this. This is also a good method. Not as fast as the other, but when there are fewer of them, the dust pan is less effective.

Then I did take spray and sprayed the front porch and around the kitchen window (outside). The may (fingers crossed) keep them out for the next several days -- at least if that's where they're coming from. They've been on the kitchen counter, so that appears to be the window (and I've seem them around it). And we found a trail coming from the front door.

It's harder when they get through the walls, because it's not as easy to find their trails and intercept them.

Well, I figure I got around 90% of them, anyway. I'll need to fight them again in the morning, but I'm done for now.

So now I need to take my meds, change my clothes and head to bed!

They were ON ME a lot during the fight -- and biting me. They don't bite that had, but it's still annoying. I can feel the little sting, but not really see anything to speak of. I'm a tiny bit creeped out by having them crawling on my feet, legs, hands (mostly) and arms. But I'll get over it. Hahaha. It's a two-way battle, after all...

There are some other spots I'll need to check. And I sure as hell hope they're NOT in the downstairs cat food! Otherwise where in hell are we going to feed our poor cats???

I truly hate ants. Again, I'd leave them alone if they stayed outside. As you know, I was 'feeding' them by putting sugar outside earlier in the year. But the second they cross into my house, they are DEAD. That's it. Period. End of story.

I killed a couple more spiders today, too.

This is WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodnight. Hahaha.
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