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Vacation - Marilyn Sick - Fixing June (So To Speak) - AND MORE

Okay, Marilyn and I are both in the office and we were watching a spider crawling VERY FAST on the top of the wall. But now we can't see him anymore, so we're both 'feeling him' on us. Hahaha. Ugh, spiders. This seems like a bad year for spiders. I've killed several in the last few days. Yikes. That was one FAST spider, I'm telling you!

I was just playing Zuma pretty poorly. Marilyn is still playing as I type this. And we've got "Leave It To Beaver" I on in the background. I'd say we were watching it, but we're pretty much listening to it. Hahaha.

Marilyn still wasn't feeling well this morning, so we didn't end up going to our manicure/pedicure appointment we'd set up yesterday. We talked about going later in the day, too -- but just didn't feel like it. What the hell. We'll get it done this week, I'm sure.

And with Marilyn feeling poorly, we just decided not to drive down to the beach house today. This will be the first time we haven't been there for the Fourth of July since we got the house in 2012, but oh well. It didn't make sense for Marilyn to have to drive there in heavy traffic when she felt sick and might be sicker on the way. What do you do then?

And we have ALWAYS enjoyed a stay-cation our whole lives. I guess because we've always loved our HOME, wherever that might be. It's a delight to be able to spend hours at home, doing whatever we feel like. And there's nothing wrong with catching up with our sleep...

I made golden hominy and fried eggs and toast for brunch (really lunch). Delicious. We had it with hot cups of tea. I'm glad to feel good enough to be able to stand up and cook again. I honestly have felt so crummy that I just didn't feel like cooking much. And, of course, I've had a limited appetite for ages while sick.

Can't recall if I mentioned having vanilla ice cream and raspberries last night, or not. It's so funny! Marilyn and I BOTH used to hate raspberries. Now they're our FAVORITE berry. Who would have guessed that? Of course, who would have guessed I'd quit using salt the way I have? Not me, that's for sure!

We've been watching Wimbledon. And lots of TV.

Plus we watched the movie "Notes From the Underground," based on the Dostoevsky novella and featuring Henry Czerny (one of our favorite actors). It's really an amazing movie and I highly recommend it. By the way, the link above goes to a review in Variety.

No news about Jim's biopsy yet, I'm afraid. Both June and Jim were surprised not to have results. I'm surprised, too. Still praying for good news.

I went over to June and Jim's to see if I could help with her computer and iPad issues. I'm pretty pleased to be able to say that I resolved a few things for her. She wasn't able to log in to her Comcast account on her computer. Donn had tried to fix it, but that wasn't working out. I phoned Comcast support and reset her password and now she's able to use Outlook for the first time since May! She had a couple thousand emails downloading. Hahaha.

I created Comcast accounts on both her iPad and iPhone -- so now she can pick her Comcast mail up on all three. And her Gmail is working fine on all three, too.

She was also having browser issues. She'd told me her bookmarks were missing, but it wasn't that. Her menu bar was turned off, so she couldn't see her bookmarks. You know, it's RIDICULOUS how easy it is to lose various views in your browser and other applications!!! It should be SIMPLE to reset these things, but it's not! No wonder she was upset and confused! It's not her fault -- it's the fault of bad planning and constant changes with applications and browsers.

While I was working on her iPad, I was shocked to see she was locked out of her Apple ID. That should have been simple to fix, right? Wrong! She not only had to enter her Username and Password, but it required a Captcha input, as well. I REALLY HATE CAPTCHA!!! Why? Because like everyone else, I can never ever read them! If you have any vision issues, good luck. And even if you don't! Poor June was practically doomed before she tried, in other words. Little wonder she needed help.

So how the heck did she get logged out of her Apple ID? I have no clue, nor does she. And it's BAD to mess up your Apple ID! You must have it available all the damn time for your iPad and iPhone...

June is in her eighties. And she does an amazing job on the computer and her devices. Note that I'm not saying she does an amazing job for her age, because I work with people of all ages -- and many of them aren't as good as this as June. I admire June's efforts. If I'm being honest, I don't know what I'll be able to do when I'm eighty! Some days I struggle so much with this stuff. I really do.

I must say the Comcast (Xfinity) support guy was really good. He was east Indian and a bit difficult to understand (even for me). June mentioned that she couldn't understand him at all. This has happened to her before, and I get that. If you can't communicate with someone, it's very difficult to follow instructions. But he was really patient and helpful and got us back up and running, thankfully.

Here's what I don't get: Comcast actually sent someone out to the house to try and get June up and running again, and could NOT do it. Seriously??? How could that have been? They sent a person out and left her unable to use her email? Are you kidding me?

And Donn spent a couple of hours on the phone and TeamViewer with her trying to help her, too. June said that she watched him the entire time, and he would ask her if she understood and she'd say yes -- and while they were doing it together, she felt she did. But later on she wouldn't remember what to do. Donn is very quick and she just can't follow along and I understand that. I'm probably the same way. But one of my gifts (that I've made a skill) is in training other people how to do things. The goal isn't to be the only one who knows how something is done, after all. I want to enable others to do what needs doing.

Donn is much, much better at this now, by the way. It didn't start out as something he did, but he really works at it -- and he's become very good at writing out notes. Being able to give people written instructions is so important...

But Outlook is not one of Donn's strong points. He was trying to get all her email coming to June via Gmail (he's a Gmail expert, I grant you). Anyway, she can now get Comcast email in her Outlook on her computer -- and on both her iPhone and iPad, too. And her Gmail is set up on all three, too.

When we were on with the support guy her email suddenly was working and everything started to download. She had more than 2,000 emails coming in! She hadn't gotten any email in the month of June...

I need to mention again that the Comcast issue seems to absolutely be on their end. I've been through this several times over the years. It's as if the password gets corrupted on their end and won't work anymore -- so you have to reset it. I asked this man about it, and he gave me their usual answer which tries to imply that it's not their fault. Yet, he ended up admitting that sometimes it was necessary to reset (I guess that's why they have a link for you to use for resetting -- and they give that out over the phone via recording prior to ever speaking to anyone). At least we should be able to go in and do this on our own if necessary...

I'm telling you, it wasn't that long ago she and I did a password reset. And I would assume that Donn had done that -- and that the support people who came out had done it, too. Or I should say I had assumed that until today. Now I think nobody just did what I did while I was there. I got a person and told him I wanted a password reset -- clear and simple. And he did it and I entered the new password and we were good to go.

June sent me home with hugs and kisses and homemade potato salad. (smile) And I was glad I'd finally gone over and fixed things.

PooPurr has been staying downstairs in the basement a lot because of the fireworks being set off. But she came out to see me while I was there, sweet thing.

Plus I got to see the new addition to the back yard, which is very cool! It's a large outdoor umbrella that has lights built in that you can turn on in the dark. Very pretty!!!

Can't think what else I was going to say. Damn my memory! Hahaha.

I wrote a couple of emails to my friend Shari. I want to teach her how to use the predictive keyboard on her iPad. I was just talking to Marilyn about how fast I can 'hunt and peck' on my iPad, as I rarely use an external keyboard with mine, and don't do touch typing with the built-in keyboard. I use my stylus and the predictive keyboard combined -- and can type pretty decently that way. Certainly not as fast as I can touch type on my computer keyboard, but fast enough. Otherwise I go pretty crazy! Hahaha. I want typing to be as fast as possible...

One of the nice features of the predictive keyboard is that it helps with spelling words. And it's pretty damn smart reasoning out what words you want to use! For the most part, I HATE the way Apple devices manage text. But the predictive feature is AWESOME, without a doubt.

If you don't know what it is, here's a definition: "Predictive text is an input technology that facilitates typing on a mobile device by suggesting words the end user may wish to insert in a text field. Predictions are based on the context of other words in the message and the first letters typed."

It's pretty wonderful for quickly texting if you're not good with your thumbs (I'm NOT!). My friend Rob had me fooled, though! I couldn't get over how fast he texts. I thought he was using predictive text, but I was wrong! He was using Siri to text for him and talking to her! Seriously??? I had a hard time picturing that...

I'm laughing at myself, because after you use predictive text all the time on your Apple devices, you start to expect to see it on your computers, too! Hahaha. It's pretty amazing, I have to say. I just wonder why more people don't appear to use it. I mean, it really speeds you up!

But like everything else, predictive text screws up all the time. Suddenly it DISAPPEARS, even though you have it turned on! You have to go back in to your settings and turn it off and back on again in order to fix the issue. Really??? I wonder why that is... But I use predictive text CONSTANTLY on my devices, so I notice immediately when it's not there.

I don't get why all Apps created for iPhones and iPads don't employ predictive text, by the way. It just seems like they should...

Well, it's past 1:00 a.m. and I'm getting more and more boring, I'm sure. Hahaha. So I think it's time to end.

I'm on a real roll with typing tonight! Even with my super-way-too-long nails (yikes), I'm typing really fast. It feels so good when you're into your typing -- you can just type and type and type and barely make a mistake and it's FAST. Very fast. That's how I am tonight! Wow.

Good health to ALL of you! (I sure hope Marilyn and I will get well one of these days, too.) And happy dreams!

For those of you who are Americans and celebrate, have a GREAT Fourth of July tomorrow! I'm sure we will.
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