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Vacation (And a Few Errands)

Couldn't get in to my clinic to see the doctor, so I figure it's not a big deal. I am feeling a bit better now: I'm able to color my hair, do the garbage and recycling, cook and do things around the house that need doing -- and I haven't really been able to do these things since I've been sick. Not without being exhausted after, anyway. If I don't feel better when we get back in town, I'll try getting in again.

Anyway, Marilyn and I stayed up all night last night. She was watching Wimbledon (which comes on at 4:00 a.m. our time) when I went off to bed. I woke at 6:00-ish and got up and roamed around the house a bit. Lately fireworks being shot off in the neighborhood can suddenly wake a person with all the noise. At one point last night I was lying on the bed and had both cats with me, only inches apart. I was petting them both and we were all three drifting off when suddenly a huge noise startled all of us. Turns out it was fireworks...

Anyway, I was up at one point around 10:00 a.m. and then I went back to bed and slept into the afternoon. We had planned to go get our manicures and pedicures today. We did try to go over in the afternoon, but the shop was packed with people. So we made appointments for tomorrow morning. (They don't open until 11:00.) After that we'll come home, pack up the car and head to the beach house (cats and all).

We took two bags of cans to the BottleDrop Redemption Center and learned how to leave them off -- and got several more bags and tags for the future. Marilyn has signed up to donate the money to the festival, which is pretty cool.

We shopped at Alta and Marilyn got a new hairdryer for the beach. (It's such a pain to drag everything back and forth -- it's much nicer to have as many things as possible there in the house. We think of both houses as our homes, so... smile.) I got shampoo and conditioner that I needed (I'd almost forgotten!).

We also stopped at Ross so I could get more of my fragrance. It's much cheaper there than anywhere else. (I was nearly out, and that's never a good thing... grin...)

We ate leftovers today. And picked up some groceries to take along to the beach at Walmart (we were close by when dropping off the cans close by).

Marilyn's playing Zuma while I type this. And Colin is on his stool between the two of us. I'm not sure where Henry is right now.

I finished another book (a Regency romance that was pretty good). I haven't decided what I'll read next.

I'm wondering if Jim got his results back yet from his biopsy. June promised to let us know when they heard, so I'm thinking they still don't know. But they were supposed to hear this past week. Still praying, anyway.

We want to go to dinner with them one of these days and give Jim his VERY BELATED birthday card and gift (it was last February!!!). Anyway, it seems like a good excuse for going out together!

Marilyn got very dizzy and wasn't feeling at all well today. Thankfully she's feeling better now. She's been a tad under the weather all week, on and off, poor thing. Probably nothing that won't be helped by her being on vacation and getting a chance to rest.

My festival check came in the mail today. Normally it's just handed to me, but probably Sheila doesn't know that (and I certainly didn't think to tell her). We tried to take it to the bank, but we were too late. No big deal. We'll take it when we have a chance. Anyway, it's nice to have it.

We did go to Riteaid and picked up my prescriptions. I still need to take time to set up my daily meds for the beach trip!

I also found a couple of pairs of contacts, so I should be fine until I manage to get an appointment and get in to see my eye doctor. It makes sense to go when we're at work, as it's located right in downtown. So it's walking distance from the office. Otherwise parking isn't all that easy.

I had to use old hair color to do my hair last night. It's a color I used to use a lot but really don't use anymore. But that's okay. It's fine for now! It's redder than I tend to do anymore, but I actually ended up liking it a lot. Here's the weird thing about new versions of hair color: They are very hard to WASH OUT after you put them on. I thought I'd gotten it all out the first time. So I dried my hair, then I was sweating and dabbed my face with a paper towel. Their were traces of color on it! So I had to go and wash my hair again and dry it all over again. What a pain. I guess that means the color should last longer -- at least in theory. With the old color you wouldn't have washed your hair right after coloring, but I almost always have to do that now...

I did the garbage in the middle of the night (like around 3:00 or 4:00), including taking out more recycling, and cleaning the cat boxes.

I've still got a sore throat and traces of laryngitis and congestion (and a tiny bit of a cough). But I think I'm finally getting better. And feeling stronger, which is VERY NICE.

It's a pretty boring day -- which is great for a vacation day! Hahaha.
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