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Marilyn's Dental Appointment

Marilyn had her dental appointment today, measurements for her crown. I guess they took the pin out and put in a new one. Anyway, it was painful, poor thing...

I was on the phone with Donn first thing today helping him move Maleah to her new location. I have to move the phone, as I'm the only one capable of doing that. I'd totally forgotten to do it yesterday. (I have to Remote in, as you have to 'touch' the phone Server, in a manner of speaking. Anyway, I got that done so he could finish up the move...)

I was also working on the Auction page for the website today. I have additional tweaks to make that Carol has sent me, but I didn't quite get to them, yet. (smile)

Other than that, Marilyn and I spent the entire day goofing off. Watching TV, playing games and so on. Very casual.

Wimbledon is on, so we have a lot of tennis to watch, too.

I finished my bio about Dick Van Dyke, which was a very entertaining read, I must say. He's a very interesting man. And I really like the way the book is written, I have to say.

This current method of Remoting I'm using -- a total workaround -- isn't very convenient. But at least it works. Well, sort of... At least I can get my work done, for now.

Well, I need to go do the recycling, so I'm off. Sleep well, friends.
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