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We're Officially ON VACATION! (woo hoo)

It's just past 1:00 a.m. and I just woke to blog (thankfully). We were both tired after dinner, playing Zuma and watching TV, so we went down for a nap and slept away...

We're pretty HAPPY to officially be ON VACATION at long last! Marilyn is especially deserving! And boy, does she need a vacation!

We ate leftovers for dinner. And I had curry noodles for lunch today.

I spent ages (hours and hours) working from my home office today. I was still trying to figure out the Remote issue and tackle some actual work. I'm very frustrated about Remoting... But I did get in use a very roundabout and indirect method (that will only work for me, as it uses connecting to the Server). Remote Desktop via that method is ridiculously SLOW, but it does work. For now, anyway...

As for my health, I'm congested and coughing and sneezing both. (And have a sore throat.) And I felt feverish again today. Hard to tell for sure, as it was another hot day weather-wise. But the laryngitis is NOT over, even now, and it's been weeks. I've lost track of the time.

I wish I'd get well, finally...

I talked to both sister Sue and June today -- always a pleasure. I'd love to actually see both of them sometime.

And I chatted at length with Donn. He'll be going in tomorrow to move Maleah's computer to her new spot...

I was trying to work on the Auction page for the website. I'm highly annoyed, as it SHOULD be there, but hidden. And it appears to be DELETED. I can't imagine any of us doing that. But I'll be damned if I can find it. So I wrote to Brit and David at FISH and asked if they can restore. But didn't hear back until very, very late. And then only from Brit, who didn't have an answer. Maybe I'll hear from David tomorrow.

But I'd wanted to do the page today and have it DONE before vacation. It appears I'll be working on it tomorrow, no matter what...

Plus I wanted to force myself to color my hair today, but couldn't get myself to do it. I just didn't feel like it. It's hard enough to do when you feel well.

Heading back to bed now...

Marilyn and I did have fun searching for a movie to watch -- one of the joys of vacation!!! We went through a ton of movies and finally got one -- but then didn't care for it. But there will be others, for sure! (grin)

I'm reading a WONDERFUL non-fiction book right now -- the biography of Dick Van Dyke. Really an entertaining read. The man is fascinating. Reading is such a pleasure to me, and it's always fun when I have something truly special to read.

Good night, my dear friends. Stay healthy and sleep well! Happy dreams...
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