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Lovely, Hot, Summer Day -- Book Recommendations

I actually went out in the back yard at one point today, to enjoy the sunshine. But I didn't stay out all that long, as it was pretty warm and I got into quite a sweat. Hahaha. Not complaining: This was such a lovely summer day...

I spent time researching Remoting some more. And some IT issues that have been bugging me. To little avail, in both cases. (sigh) So much of IT work is constant research -- and often research that isn't at all helpful. IT is quite the difficult taskmaster. Hahaha.

Still congested. STILL???!!! Seriously? Still suffering from a sore throat. Still putting up with laryngitis. At least I can talk. But my voice is NOT 100% back, yet. Annoying as hell...

Slept in (thank you, Marilyn!!!). That was nice. Henry eventually woke me. (smile)

Had a nice, long chat with sister Sue today. And later in the day had a nice, long chat with friend June.

I finished the book I'd been reading, "Mary Magdalene: A Novel," by Diana Wallis Taylor (who is a Christian author). It was very well written and interesting and I enjoyed it. But I don't necessarily agree with the author's view of what Mary might have been like. Regardless, I still liked the novel and would recommend it to others.

I also bought and finished reading "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie," by Muriel Spark. If you've seen the film, chances are you love it as much as Marilyn and I do. Marilyn had seen the book available and asked if I'd read -- I had not. So I decided I really wanted to. Muriel Spark is an amazing writer (she was praised by many of the great writers of her time -- no surprise there). I'd actually like to try reading some of her other works. The book is both like -- and different -- from the film. I'm very glad I read it. It's a short novel and I finished it quite quickly. I'd like to read it out loud to Marilyn sometime, I think.

Muriel was a fascinating woman. Her biography was published AFTER her death (three years after). I read a long excerpt and it's clear that she's really slammed by the author. She had commissioned him to write her bio, then after reading it refused to allow him to publish it. Obviously he got his revenge! I would take what he's written with a huge grain of salt. I considered buying the book, wanting to know more about Muriel, but decided against it. I'd prefer a less biased viewpoint, I think...

Yes, she was obviously strong-minded and proud of her talent and skill as a writer. So? Would we be down on a man if he were the same? Perhaps she wasn't easy to live or work with, but I suspect sexism has a lot to do with any negative comments about this woman. And her lifestyle probably made people judgemental as well. She was bisexual (probably leaning toward being a lesbian) and ended her days with a woman as her lover and companion (even though she married at one point and had a son). Remember that the times were different, and her sexuality would have been frowned on by most people.

She wrote and wrote and wrote. She lived a glamorous life that included fashionable clothes and lots of jewelry and interactions with celebrities of her time. And she traveled. Good for her! Why shouldn't she do all of those things? She was apparently sexually active with many men at one point, then became a Catholic and stopped her affairs (well, with men, anyway!). She based the above-mentioned novel on one of her own teachers who was her first 'crush' as a young girl...

For those of you who know the movie, I was surprised that the character of Sandy (based on Muriel, by the way) ends up as a nun in the novel. The religious aspects of the novel weren't included in the movie, which focused instead on the political aspects.

I highly recommend this book (again, it's a quick read!), which is beautifully written, intelligent and entertaining. Oh, and quite humorous, as well.

Marilyn took sister Sue to her doctor appointment today. It took THREE HOURS out of her day! And traffic was pretty terrible (especially coming home). Marilyn stopped to get us tacos which we had for dinner. Very nice! And we had vanilla ice cream with berries (Marilyn had blackberries and I had blue berries).

Time for bed! Sleep well, all.
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