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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Back to Portland 
Marilyn and I had a LOVELY mini-vacation to the beach house! And I think the cats really enjoyed it, too. It's hard to believe that we only got down there YESTERDAY (!!!) and came back home again today, as it really seemed longer than that.

After Marilyn and Adeena returned from their walk into Seaside, I was dressed and had my contacts in and had combed my hair. Not sure you could tell about the hair, it gets so crazy in the ocean air! Hahaha.

Anyway, we packed up very quickly and left by around 2:00, getting home before 4:00 p.m.

After we unpacked we both were really ready for a nap, as neither one of us slept well last night, I'm afraid.

We watched some gymnastics on TV tonight. Everything is gearing up for the Olympics, of course!

Just now we were watching "Independence Day" again, noting the scenes that were added in for the version we watched last night. Interesting.

After I finish this blogging, we're headed to bed...

Jeff is in California at Disneyland with his family right now, by the way. I don't think I mentioned that before.

The cats were pretty good for the ride home. Henry did howl like crazy at first (no clue why), which really sets your nerves on edge. But he didn't keep it up all that long, thankfully. The ride home was easier with the cats than the ride there, that's for sure!

We took the fast way, coming home. Which really gets bogged down near the end of the trip with local traffic! Portland traffic gets worse and worse...

A pretty boring day for blogging. But it was lovely this morning at the beach, and the ride home was beautiful! Weather here is currently hot, by the way. It's nice having AC.

We had raspberries over vanilla ice cream tonight. Delicious!

Good night, all!