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At Our Beach House (with Adeena) -- Rockaway Beach and the Pirate Festival

We got up okay this morning -- but not super early, by any means. Marilyn washed her hair and I began packing and we got ready to go at a reasonable hour, anyway. Happily the cats never 'hid' from us and they were easy to crate for the trip. But the howling? Don't ask!

We made it down by early afternoon. Poor Colin got car sick and threw up around the usual spot (where the highway is curvy and always bothers him). He actually got sick earlier than ever before, I'm sorry to report. What a pain. We were driving with the windows open for the smell...

Anyway, we made it to the house and settled in and got the cats out and comfy. I had low blood sugar (71), but was okay. Then Marilyn and I got some food and headed out around 3:00 p.m. to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, for the Pirate Festival.

We both LOVE THAT DRIVE to Rockaway Beach. It's lovely! And today was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

We delivered the sanctioned events banner and some souvenir programs, then checked out the event and had food and beverages. We really enjoyed ourselves! It was pretty windy, but I wore my pirate hat anyway (I had to hold on to it a lot of the time so it wouldn't blow away!). At one point we were sitting near the Lions booth at a table in very comfortable chairs just soaking up the sun! So fabulous!!!

When it got a bit more windy and chilly, we headed back. We stopped to shop at Safeway on the way home and met Adeena at the house shortly after. Then we went into Seaside and played Fascination (it was around 8:30) -- first cover all and then the 12-games-for-a-dollar and regular games. We had a lot of fun!

We came back to the house and snacked on goodies (olives, bread, chips) and had Kahlua with half and half. Yummy! And watched TV and then "Independence Day."

I'm sure we'll head to bed pretty soon. I'm dead beat and have a sore throat, but it was a wonderful day! I'm feeling a lot better, even if I am still puny from being sick for so long...

Today was Ebony's wedding day (Leslie's daughter -- we've known her since she was a little girl). The photos were amazing!

I heard from June about Jim's biopsy -- he'll hear news next week. Still praying...

Today is the birthday of my friend Kris (IT Consultant for the festival and Royal Rosarian). I need to take him to lunch soon to celebrate...

I'm really tired now. But still very happy! It's great being at the beach, even for a short trip. Next time we come down we'll be on VACATION!!! (woo hoo)

Back to Portland tomorrow (work on Monday). Next week is a SHORT week (only three days!).

Sleep well, friends.
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