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Sleep Rules...

Marilyn and I worked until just past noon (or there about), then headed home. I was dealing with my usual annoying IT stuff -- specifically trying to help Lilia with her iPhone email issues. I actually think I accomplished something there, to tell you the truth! Anyway, Donn is going to help her further...

I tried to 'fix' my Remoting issue, but that did NOT happen. (sigh) I really do need to get that resolved, pronto.

I did go to Starbucks with Rich and several others. But Rich got called away while over there! Merlin was so sick at work that the nurse called to have him take her to their doctor! She's had a bug like mine (as has Rich), and her blood pressure was sky high... All prayers for my friends Rich and Merlin are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Marilyn did her exit interview with Aby, who happily is moving on to a wonderful job opportunity starting almost immediately. We're both very glad for her. She did a great job this year.

This was also Adeena's last day as our intern. But the three of us are looking forward to having a good summer together!

This is a difficult time as our seasonal employees finish up and move on, I have to admit. I know it's sad for the people leaving us, but it's also hard on those of us who remain. We grow very close to all of these people. And suddenly our office grows very quiet and empty...

Marilyn had us take a photo of those of us there today, which was nice. Jeff had wanted us to get more staff photos this year, but that just didn't happen, I'm afraid. It's difficult to pull off, that's for sure, as were all so busy.

Marilyn told Carol to close the office early today -- nice for everyone.

We got home and heated up some frozen food for lunch, then watched some TV and slept and slept. The sleep is very nice!

Today was Jim's day for his biopsy. Marilyn and I have been praying for both him and his wife June (who are not just friends, but very much like family to us). Any and all good thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated, thanks!!!

We both talked to sister Sue today via phone. They're having the baby shower for Savanna (Larry's adopted daughter who is having her second baby) at their house this Sunday.

We leave (with the cats) for the beach house in the morning. We'll be taking the sanctioned event banner to the Pirate Festival in Rockaway tomorrow (after we settle the cats in, of course). (They haven't had a new banner in years, apparently.) It will be nice to check on our house, as we haven't been down in ages -- and the neighbors we were so friendly with (who always watched our house for us) have moved away. (Of course we still have Ralph, who watches out for everything for us! He's a great guy.)

We won't be at the beach house for long. Only over night Saturday, as we'll need to come back to Portland on Sunday (for work on Monday). But that's okay! It always lovely to get there, when we can.

I've done a little bit of laundry -- it's great to wash some clothes that I'd like to wear!

Now we'll head to bed so we can be up reasonable early (hopefully!).

My laryngitis isn't gone, yet -- but it's much better. (Poor Rich has it, too, by the way!) I still keep running a fever (seriously???), but I am doing better, even so. I can't wait to be totally well!

Sweet dreams, everybody!!!
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