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Back to Work AND Movie Date to See "ID: Resurgence"

Yes, today I actually did go to the office for the first time in AGES. It was about time. And, yes, I did manage to wash my hair last night before heading to bed.

A gang of us (that did NOT include Marilyn) went for coffee with Maleah, who is a sweetheart. (She was on the Court in 2012, for the record.) Marilyn paid for coffee for those who went, which included Rich, Steven, Maleah, Adeena (didn't have anything), Christine and me (I think that was all of us). So I actually got some STEPS in today, thankfully!

I changed Marlo's password and printed out my training sheets, then went down and logged Maleah in as Marlo so I could run through her training -- which went very well, by the way. She and I seem to have so much in common. That's always interesting to me when I'm doing training. And she, too, is left handed. (smile)

After her training, Rich asked me to go to the Farmer's Market at PGE with him, so Adeena and I went over there (more steps!). And ran into Terry (Barry's sister) and her intern -- and Adeena is our intern -- so we had a nice conversation among us. I got a flat (six boxes) of mixed fruits for $15 -- what a great deal! Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries and apricots! Fun!

When I got back most of the staff was upstairs viewing the Starlight Parade video. Marilyn was still gone to her meeting. I had planned to look over the Press Release Rich did, but just never got to it.

I did see the eNewsletter that was going out today, however, so I could clear that...

Marilyn wanted to leave early (she hasn't been feeling well), so we took off -- as did Adeena, who was heading to her other job. We three agreed to go to the show to see the Independence Day sequel tonight.

We just home from that, which we saw at Cinetopia, which is hard to describe. But we had reserved seats (I kid you not) and these include ottomans per each chair. (They should be glam but are pretty narrow.) Then they send people in to take your food and drink orders and others in to serve you. The idea is to create an upscale movie experience. Marilyn and I had beers and popcorn and Adeena had a mixed drink.

Now we're home and it's past 2:00 a.m. I need to take out the garbage and recycling and clean the cat boxes so we can head to bed. We're both going in to work in the morning...

We did SLEEP a ton during the day today, thankfully (especially ME). Because I'm not back to my full strength by a long shot. But I happily did not fall asleep even for a minute during the film.

We liked the movie -- and especially enjoyed Bill Pullman in his role as Tom Whitmore. I won't spoil, but if you liked the first movie I think there's a good chance you'll enjoy this sequel. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly NOT a perfect movie, nor is it the original. There are plenty of things that people will point at and not enjoy (it's very slow moving at the beginning, for one thing). But, again, if you're a fan of the original, I think you can enjoy seeing the appearances of so many of the original cast. Plus some nice newbies, as well!

Well, off to do my chores so we can head to bed. I'm by no means 100% yet, but I am feeling better and was able to be productive today -- which is wonderful. Plus we hadn't seen a movie since April 15! So it was exciting to go out. It was very kind of Adeena to pay our way to the show! She's a sweet friend.

I almost forgot!!! Marilyn and Adeena went to pick up Adeena's ring (her graduation gift) today! It looks lovely on her hand! And Marilyn also picked up her eight watches (!!!) that she had taken in for new batteries -- and all of them are running again! Very exciting.

Good night, friends! Happy dreams. (Which reminds me that BOTH Marilyn and I are having a lot of nightmares still -- including festival nightmares! Normally we'd be over that by now...)
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