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Jeff Was Right: Marilyn Selected As Honoree

Marilyn found out today that she is receiving the female executive award for 2016 from the Portland Business Alliance's annual event (A Place with No Ceiling). The idea for her being nominated came from Jeff, who firmly believed she should win this award.

This notification was originally sent on June 8. So why didn't we find out then? Then sent it to .com instead of .org (the .com address doesn't exist) when using her business email. Funny, huh? I'm telling you, it would have been a perfect time for some good news (that was a HARD, HARD week). But it's WONDERFUL news whenever we hear it!

Her letter told her she was nominated and that the committee proudly selected her as honoree for this year. Additionally: "This award honors a female executive who has not only succeeded in her field, but also supports and mentors women in the community."

Marilyn has smashed the glass ceiling, there's no doubt. But it's very true that she's not only experiencing personal success, but has mentored and inspired many, many other women over her many years serving the community in her role at the festival.

Sister Sue and I are very, very proud of her, needless to say! There will be an event in September where she'll be honored, and we look forward to attending it.

So even though LAST YEAR was her year for special honors (celebrating 40 years working for the festival, and honors from so many, including City Hall naming a day 'Parade Queen Day' in her honor), this is yet another occasion recognizing how special she is. Marilyn never fails to amaze, that's the truth.

As for me...

I just couldn't get myself to wash my hair last night. I was too puny to face it. I'm sitting typing this and knowing I must go and do exactly that after I finish up. (sigh) You know you're pretty sick when you can't even face standing up in a shower to wash your hair...

I was sure I was ready to go to work today anyway -- right up until this morning, that is! Marilyn suggested I stay home, and I jumped at it. Even though it meant missing the staff lunch that I'd been so looking forward to.

Marilyn suggested we simply use Marlo's Profile for Maleah. She said in the future we should be using a generic Profile for that position. I'm not sure if we will or not, but anyway I'm ready to do that right now -- at least for now. If we can resolve the Remote issue, then this wouldn't be such a big deal. (sigh) But I'm too out of it to care right now.

So I will go in tomorrow and train Maleah (using Marlo's Profile). And get her up and using the computer. Adeena has volunteered to bring me home after that, so we'll see how it goes. I just might take her up on that... Hahaha. Hopefully I'll be able to do okay, in spite of STILL having laryngitis. And hopefully I won't get a lot worse from all the talking I have to do.

Marilyn had a really difficult experience downtown today. I won't go into details, but it was really awful for her. She hasn't been feeling that great this week. But she had no clue she'd end up in such a terrible mess. She got through it with her usual strength of will. Then came home, pulled herself together and went right back to work again -- and worked quite late. The things that woman can do! (Little wonder she's being honored...) I was proud of how she dealt with adversity, I have to say.

I did gather up the garbage in the house today. As tomorrow is garbage day, there should be very little more to do, except to put out the recycling and change the cat boxes. (And get any garbage that I might have missed today.) It's 'real' garbage week, so that's a good thing...

We ate some macaroni salad and baked beans we bought in the deli at Walmart when shopping there for our dinner. (Other than that I'd had little to eat all day -- and Marilyn had salad at lunch.) The baked beans weren't as good as Marilyn's (which I love!!!), but they weren't bad. And I wish I didn't love macaroni salad so much, but oh well.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll do and turn in my invoice for my annual script editing job. I did it much earlier last year!

Nicole finally got our graduation card and check. Marilyn increased the amount and forgot to tell me, but it made Nicole, her mother Candy and our her grandmother (our sister) Sue all very happy. I assume she'll be putting it toward her new (used) car.

And I wrapped the (heavy!) package for Ebony (Leslie's daughter) this morning. Her wedding is this weekend. That was a challenge! But I had planned it out in my head, and it worked perfectly! I used to be a professional gift wrapper years and years ago -- and this was the sort of challenge we frequently received. (It was one part of a very multi-faceted job I held, but an interesting part!) Let's just say I haven't forgotten those skills, even though I rarely ever use them now.

I think that's really all I have to report. I spent my day mostly DOWN again. Lying or sitting around, watching TV or reading.

Well, off to wash my hair and head (back) to bed for work tomorrow. It's now 2:00 a.m. -- I'm glad I finally woke up!

Best of dreams to all my friends!
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