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Lunch with Marilyn and Jeff

Marilyn and I both SLEPT IN this morning. It was lovely. Some of the best sleep I've had in ages. (Sometimes it's had to sleep when you're sick.) And Marilyn certainly needs the rest, needless to say.

We both showered and washed our hair. Then Jeff came over and the three of us went to Fultano's Pizza in Scappoose (Oregon) for lunch. They have frickles (deep fried pickles) there, and spears instead of coins/chips -- spears are the best! We got spaghetti and split it, and ordered a small cheese pizza plus a taco pizza. Yummy! We had a lot left over to take home. We each had a light beer, too. Fun.

Marilyn and I spent the rest of the day taking it easy. Watching TV and so on.

In the afternoon I went over to see June and fix the setting on her iPhone (screen brightness).

I'm still struggling with my health. I still have laryngitis ans am congested and feeling punk. I'm very tired of being sick. But I guess I need some more days of rest. It was sure nice to get out today.
Tags: 2016, hair, iphone, jeff, june-2016, laryngitis, marilyn, scappoose-oregon, sick, sleep, sleeping

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