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It's well past midnight, but at least I woke up in time to blog for the day! Hahaha. I was sleeping pretty hard, to be honest. I was tossing and turning when I went in to lie down and sleep. It's just been that kind of week...

Today I discovered Pixabay.Com for the first time ever. It's an amazing website! You can read all about the site at their FAQ. Originally launched on November 24, 2010, the site operates under the Creative Commons license. If you use images discovered online regularly, this is really the site for you!

What I wonder is how I never encountered the site BEFORE now! One of my online friends (Danny) told me about it (he's apparently active there sharing images). I need to decide if I'm going to register for my own free account.

As for me, today was yet another sick day. I don't seem to be improved to any degree, in all honesty. I was pretty stunned when the doctor told me last Monday that the bug would probably run another two weeks, but maybe that's the case! I still have laryngitis (not really improved). I still seem feverish and fitful. I'm still puny and really unable to do much. I have very little appetite. I mostly lie around resting or sleeping, feeling miserable...

Marijke emailed about my training the new intern Maleah next Tuesday. I had to phone her and say that this would depend on how my voice recovered this coming weekend. If I'm not better by then, I absolutely won't try to train anyone, as I don't want to force my voice and end up even worse. (sigh)

Maleah is a past princess who will be replacing Marlo (also a past princess) for this summer, assisting with Audits (this happens every year, but we usually use an existing intern for the project, not a new person). It's not standard for me to be training this time of year, but of course I don't mind. This has been a very interesting year, training-wise.

I tried to phone sister Sue earlier today but didn't get an answer on either phone. No idea why. I should have left a message, I guess. Oh well.

Marilyn took Adeena ring shopping today. We've both wanted to give her a ring for a long time now. But with her graduating this year, it seemed like the perfect gift! Marilyn finally found a shop with a woman she could trust, and together they found the perfect ring. I'm so glad!

When I get some photos I'll share. I want to share graduation photos of Adeena anyway, once I have some from her...

She has certainly had a big year! Turning 21, being an intern for the festival, repeating her Living History role as Rosie (and having the Team Pin carry her image!), and now graduating! Plus she got a scholarship (!!!) and a website job! How exciting! Marilyn and I are very, very proud of her.

Marilyn was taking care of some business we've been delayed doing today, so I think she finally got our card and check for Nicole done, too. We both wanted to contribute to the money Nicole has been receiving to put toward her car. I was actually going to ask Sue about the car, as she'd told me Candy and Brian were going to go shopping for it. But I have no news at this point.

I really tried NOT TO TALK today. It's difficult, but necessary. I still can't believe I'm not improving faster than this. I guess it's a sign of two things: How bad this bug really is (so nasty), and how much strain I ended up putting my body through during that last week of the festival.

I chatted briefly with Donn today, asking him to set up the new Profile for Maleah on Monday. He's planning to join the staff on Wednesday for the lunch Frank and Becky are hosting at the Old Spaghetti Factory. We both starting talking about the Mizithra Cheese spaghetti, which we love. Hahaha.

Marilyn got home past 6:00 and was so looking forward to her weekend -- her first days off since before the festival began! She said it felt like having a vacation after all this time... I can only imagine!!!

Can't think what else I should be sharing. I'm going nuts being shut in all the time and pretty much flat on my back, as well. Normally when I'm sick I continue to at least sit up and work most of the time...

Got several emails today from friend Shari. She sent away for a cat stroller for Tink (her cat), so she could take her outside for walks. I don't know even the basic range of what it cost. But it's really none of my business. I did look them up and see that a lot of people use them successfully for indoor cats to let their cats get some exposure outside safely. But it didn't sound like things were going very well for Shari. She was having issues putting the stroller together, she didn't get the model she sent for and then Tink didn't want to try getting in it.

It can be hard to get cats to cooperate. Hahaha. I think about how we have to 'trick' Colin when we're getting ready to head for the beach, so we can put him in his cat carrier. On the other hand, Henry always puts himself into his! Maybe once Tink realizes she's going to get to go safely OUTSIDE, she'll change her attitude. But you just never know with cats...

Some people prefer to walk their cats on a leash, but I can't imagine doing that successfully! Once they get to be a certain age it's pretty hard to leash train them. We've certainly tried it in the past, I can tell you.

Anyway, it's a nice idea! I know my cats are always dying to get outside and racing for the open door. I bet they'd love to get in a stroller and be taken for a ride. Hahaha. But I don't see us spending the money on that. There are always so many other things we need to buy. To each his own, of course. Henry has already been pretty damn expensive this year!

That eye does seem much better. I continue to give him drops once a day, by the way. Maybe we'll try and get him in to see the vet again now that the festival is over. But I need to feel better, first!

Marilyn and I need manicures, but don't really see that happening this weekend while I'm still sick. Hell no!!! Hahaha. I can barely face that when I'm healthy! (grin)

But naturally I somehow broke a nail (nearly impossible to do!) in the night last night. I filed it down so I can live with it for a time. What a pain.

Well, I'm ready to head back to bed, believe me!

We had chili for dinner. I ate yogurt and a small bowl of cottage cheese for my lunch. It felt GOOD to eat that chili, I have to say!

Just went downstairs to check on Marilyn who is sleeping on the sofa in the family room. Colin is on the floor close by her.

Upstairs Henry is HOWLING like a fiend. Hahaha. He has a hair tie and is using it to rope-a-dope. He's been very horny lately -- but so has Colin, who has been mounting him a ton. Well, as summer approaches, our cats are really in the mood. Hahaha.

Did I mention that Marilyn use my blog to research how much time she and I had put in to the Pinnacle Awards last year? It was quite handy! There were some days I didn't keep strict track of our hours, but mostly I was very clear about it. Jeff needed the information to justify the fact that we're NOT doing Pinnacle submissions this year (with the exception of Cleanest & Greenest -- this is our 20th year for that event). My blog might often being boring for most readers (I'm sure!!!), but it's extremely helpful for me (and often Marilyn, too) for a historical perspective of what we do on a daily basis. I love my blog, that's for sure!

Well, back to bed! I'm really ready. Pleasant dreams, everyone!
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