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Extreme Right-Wing Emails? I'm SICK of Them!

Somehow I got on some LIST somewhere -- and now I CONSTANTLY receive all of these extreme right-wing, ultra-conservative emails all the time.

By the way, GOOD LUCK ever opting out from them. That simply DOES NOT WORK. They honestly do not give a damn whether you want to receive these or not. I don't understand that. Do they really think that a liberal person will read one and suddenly decide to buy into their nastiness???

I just forced myself to read one -- just to see what it said. Here's one of my pet peeves, by the way. I do not care what any of us thinks of any given President of the United States (and believe me, there have been plenty I didn't care for). This person is our PRESIDENT, and we at least owe the office held our respect.

I get so stunned by the blatant lies spread about President Obama. How can any reasonable person, regardless of their political leaning, believe all those lies? By the way, the racism that abounds due to having a black president is astounding! In this day and age. It makes me sick to my stomach.

There are many ways to express your feelings about any given topic. Including the right to bear arms. By the way, if we didn't have freedom of speech, you wouldn't be able to spew garbage about anyone, much less a high-ranked government official. But I guess that's another story.

I hate to admit it, but the internet has made me a lot more negative than before it existed. As much as I love being online, this great power for communication is constantly being abused and turned to evil purposes. And almost all of us are a party to it at one time or another. It's so easy to slap someone (cyber slap them, anyway) when we don't have to look into their eyes and see how they feel.

What might be unimportant to me, can be very important to you. And if I minimize something you care about because I'm not actually looking in your face while we 'discuss' it, then that's wrong. Sure, we might as easily disagree face to face -- but at least we have a chance to FEEL SOMETHING about the topic and one another. Or one can hope...

But who knows? Would the Orlando shooting have happened in a world without the internet?

Where is John Lennon when we need him to write another song about the power of LOVE in the world? (smile)

Of course, yesterday I got furious (I was seeing red) about SOMETHING REALLY STUPID. Happily I blew up and vented with Marilyn (in an email) and another friend (on the phone) and got over it very quickly. But what if I hadn't? What if I'd taken it to heart and stewed over it and let it grow? Could it end up being ME grabbing a gun and going after people I don't even know to make some horrible point?

I pray not.

Anger is not the answer. But we all get angry, don't we? How do we let LOVE outweigh hate? And outweigh our anger? How do we continue to grow in grace and constantly seek to be better people, so we can truly love others?

I don't mean to be so serious here. SPAM is a fact of life. I'm stuck getting these Conservative emails, want them or not -- and I certainly don't need to read any of them. And most of us are a mix of conservative and liberal (I certainly am!), by the way. I just like logical displays about a subject that show respect for people -- even those who don't think or feel like me. Shocking idea, huh? Hahaha.

I have a gun. But it's not an assault weapon, for heaven's sake. I have gay friends (and I just saw three of them that I love very much). That doesn't mean I'm anti-marriage or anti-family, just for the record.

Marilyn always says: Why can't we all just get along?

That might sound simplistic, but it's right to the point. We start learning how to get along from the minute we're born. And certainly once we start school. Teamwork and compromise are so important in life.

Anyway, I'm with Marilyn. Why can't we all just get along? Strong feelings are great. But maybe we need to tone it down a bit -- at least now and then. Or try to feel passionate about other people and their rights and their feelings.

I have no answer. I just wish we weren't so quick to act like little children when things don't go our way. I did that yesterday! Happily I didn't do any harm to anyone (counting to ten really does work). I feel like telling people to 'grow up' -- but there are a lot of nasty behaving grown-ups around...

Or maybe we need to learn to laugh about it. (By the way, are we failing younger people when they get upset over hearing someone laugh? I'm just remembering trying to explain joyful laughter to a young girl once. She didn't get it at all...)
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