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Just Woke From a Nice Nap...

It's nearly midnight, and I just woke from a nice nap. I checked on Marilyn who is sound asleep on the sofa in the family room.

I actually sat up for some time this afternoon and did some work that I needed to catch up. AND it felt GOOD to do it! I'm not used to a lot of lying around during the daytime. So I got some website stuff done, anyway. Links to parade awards and so on. And I changed out one of the banners so it had a 2016 photo. Stuff like that...

Right now I actually coughed myself awake. Yeah, my cough is pretty nasty. But it could certainly be worse. I'm continuing to take my antibiotics and other meds, and am sleeping well propped up.

I think I might be less feverish today than before (???). Anyway, I just slept with only a few dreams. I'm allowing myself to have a cup of hot tea, which is lovely. I've been avoiding either cold or hot beverages for my poor throat. My laryngitis might be a little bit better today, too. But I'm nervous about it, so I'm talking as little as possible.

Still, I spoke on the phone briefly with sister Sue (who hasn't read my blog, so wasn't up to date with my health) and with friend June (to find out about Jim). Marilyn and I talked very little, as I am trying to stick with not talking very much.

But Rich and I did talk a couple of times. He made me laugh, hard, which was just the ticket today! Hahahah. I was in ill humor for a tiny period of time, but Rich helped me work through it, for which I'm very grateful. Sometimes I just need to lighten up. Hahaha.

Right now I'm just sitting here breathing through my nose and appreciating how good that feels. It's funny how much you can appreciate something as normal as breathing when you're really sick.

Marilyn went ring shopping with Adeena this afternoon. We've wanted to get her a ring forever, and now I think it's going to be our graduation gift for her. Unfortunately, they didn't have any luck. But they apparently visited the shop where Marilyn got HER ring back for her 20th anniversary with the festival! And they cleaned Marilyn's diamond ring -- it looks beautiful! Who knew it needed cleaning that badly???

I can't get over it. Adeena graduates from college TOMORROW!!! How wonderful! I wonder how we can watch it on TV? I'd love to see it, but it's obvious I won't be going out to attend, sad to say. I think it's pretty cool that it is televised, though. (But I have no clue WHERE.)

The weather has been a real bear. We've had tons of rain since after the parade on Saturday. I guess I can't complain much, as I'm in the house, anyway. It's a good time not to be out and about.

Marilyn brought home Chinese food from the Safeway deli for dinner tonight! That was the first real meal I've eaten since we went out to dinner for Ken's birthday on Sunday. I've barely had a bite to eat since then. I just haven't been hungry, to tell you the truth. (I had some cottage cheese last night.)

June told me that Jim is having his biopsy on Monday -- so I'll update about him when I know more.

My friend Shari sent me a nice get well card online. I thought that was sweet of her.

And to all of you with your many, many good wishes and kind words: Thank you so very much!!! You're really wonderful friends! I appreciate it more than I can say.

That tea is warming my chest and sinuses and I think I'm ready to go right back to bed again. (grin)

TV and my Kindle have been a delight during my illness. Mostly I lie around and watch some TV and nap, or read my Kindle and nap. Or work for a few hours then nap. Do you see a pattern here? Hahaha. Sleeping is such a delight!

For those wondering, Henry's eye seems improved. There's a spot that's 'bad' -- but I think he can see with that eye. And sometimes he squints a bit, but most of the time he seems fine. I guess it could be worse! I'm just amazed that we ended up saving the eye.

Both Colin and Henry were pills today! They just wanted a ton of my attention and did a lot to get it. Colin was in my bathroom pulling Kleenex out of the box! What a goof. And Henry just howls and beats on things. Hahaha. They're very good cats.

Marilyn continues to be WONDERFUL to me. I don't know how she can put up with it. She's got a lot going on at work (and much of it is annoying stuff). She's been very kind and patient with me. Putting cool cloths on my forehead and all manner of things. And bringing me home a feast for dinner! Yummy!

Well, off to bed. I'll probably sleep in (again) in the morning. Bliss!

Happy dreams, my friends.
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