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Still Very Sick

I hate to report that I'm sicker than I have been. So far I've taken three antibiotics (you take two on day one), but I don't see any help from that, yet. But it's been pointed out that if I'm still dealing with the original virus -- and not with secondary infection(s)-- then obviously antibiotics won't help. And as I'm still burning up with fever, I guess it's reasonable to say I'm still dealing with the original virus. The doctor was very plain, saying it would probably last two more weeks. But, come on! I've already been sick for a week as of today.

I'm pretty puny. I spent most of the day lying around. I watched some TV and slept a bunch. I sat up long enough to check my email, but that's all. I have work to do, but In all honesty, I'm ignoring it. Yeah, I'm that sick.

My voice seems even worse than it has been. I have barely a whisper of a voice now. So I'm not really talking at all. I can't imagine another two weeks with no voice.but I'll live.

Funny thing? I got sick last year, too! Not until July, but the bug sounds so much like what I have now that it's scary. It started with a sore throat and then I got laryngitis (and had intestinal distress, which I've also had this time). The upsetting thing: That bug lasted three weeks. Three weeks.

Marilyn is having a hard time at work this week. Little wonder, considering how long it's been since she had a day off. And dealing with me being sick must be so hard. I feel awful for her.

She and Jeff went for a drink after work. They were trying not to talk work, but of course they did.

I ate a bowl of cottage cheese for dinner. I don't have much appetite right now.

So I'm blogging from my iPad, which hasn't gone very well in the past. But I just can't face sitting up at my computer. I'm lying on my chair in the family room where I'm nearly flat, like in bed or on a sofa. Comfy, anyway. Marilyn is sound asleep on the sofa near me.

My eyes are watering and I'm fading fast. So I'm about done blogging for today.

Prayer Request: My neighbor June told me that Jim (her husband) has a lump -- and they're doing a biopsy. June and Jim are dear friends (like family). Marilyn and I are praying that Jim will be okay. Your prayers (and/or good thoughts) are appreciated.

We watched "Independence Day" on TV. Marilyn and I LOVE that movie!!! We can't WAIT for the sequel!

I keep having nightmares. Festival nightmares, to be exact. Dreaming that I need to get something done for the festival, or the parade. It's crazy. The festival is OVER. I've never had these dreams this time of year. I think it's about the fact that I wasn't at work much during last week -- and missed out on normal preparations. I didn't even get to help pack up Friday night for the parade... I guess it's because of the fever...

Well good night!
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