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We Survived GFP! (woo hoo)

It's actually headed toward 1:00 a.m. I just finally forced myself to come into the office and blog...

This was maybe one of the most difficult parade days ever. I could barely speak. Actually, early on I could at least make myself understood, but it got worse and worse as time passed. We had NEW people in many, many posts. The parade was larger this year (the largest since Centennial year). And had many complicated elements.

In spite of all that, we had a very smooth parade! We had an incident where a horse fell inside the Coliseum, but both rider and horse appear to be okay (we'll known more later on, of course). All the floats managed the float turn (we had one hit, but it was minor). The weather stayed DRY through the entire parade. The telecast was not only on time, but we had time to spare at the end! And the parade was off the streets earlier than usual, as well. It was just past 1:00 p.m. when everything wrapped up and we could start packing up our car to go home. (Often that doesn't happen until half an hour later.)

Plus it was a remarkable parade. Really beautiful and colorful. The Sweepstakes float was INCREDIBLE!!! Just an amazing piece of art. And there were many other wonderful floats, too.

I was 'dying' by the end, to be honest. I hung in there pretty well while I was working the parade, but when my role was over I started to fade immediately. I had a pounding headache, sore throat and started to get cramps in unusual places (my sides and so on). We figure from dehydration. I was drinking, but it's hard to drink enough. And my left eye drove me crazy all day long. Actually, it's still driving me crazy.

We got sandwiches on the way home and ate. We never really had dinner last night and we never eat in the morning before the parade. (We have to be on site by 5:30 a.m., so that makes a lot of sense if you think about it.) When you realize how many hours we're talking about, you can see why we were both hungry by that time. I also got a large peach tea (no ice) and drank the whole thing.

It was interesting. Normally I want bottle after bottle of COLD water -- as cold as I can get it. But cold beverages and hot beverages are both bad for laryngitis. You want tepid or luke warm stuff. I was drinking warm water all day.

After we ate, I wanted nothing but to GO TO BED and get some rest and sleep.

Marilyn went BACK TO WORK and stayed there until 10:00 p.m.!!! I don't know how she could do that.

I figure if I hadn't been really run down from being tired, I might not have gotten sick. But you never know. Today we figured out WHERE I got the bug, anyway. We were confused by the pink eye, which is normally a children's disease. But I spent AGES with children on Special Needs day! I was carrying children and holding their hands and on and on. So that has to be where I got this bug...

I really loved that experience. But honestly, if I could go back in time, I'd skip it. Hahaha. Yes, I'm that sick.

After I slept, I finally got up to do my job as webmaster. I needed to do a News story on the new Queen. And another News story about the awards for the Grand Floral Parade. They both took a bit of time and research, but I got them done.

And we had a Staff person let go today, so I had to go in and change the User password for that Profile. That means Remoting in to the office, then getting on the Server. Anyway, it's not as simple as it sounds...

I found another page at the website that was really messed up! I tried to fix it, but finally gave up. I was too tired to keep messing with it. But I wrote to our friends at Fish and David told me where the mistake was. I was only looking in the body area, and the error was in the sponsor window. So I know who made the mistake -- I'll need to discuss it later on at some point...

Marilyn came home pretty tired, understandably. SHE HASN'T HAD A DAY OFF SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE FESTIVAL. It's a wonder she can function right now.

She had a very strange experience at work. She was unloading all the stuff from her car and planning to take a bunch of it into her office (as always). But there was a group from a radio station IN HER OFFICE using her space!!! WTF??? She put the stuff that needed to be secured inside Jeff's office. And she couldn't get to her things or work on her computer because of this situation. I won't mention WHO had allowed this to happen, but I think it's outrageous, personally. NO ONE should have the right to put people into Marilyn's office!!! And we're not talking about other Staff people using the space for a meeting (it happens sometimes) -- we're talking about people we DO NOT KNOW inside her office. I'm still so shocked that I don't know what to say...

Talk about going above your authority. I'm curious as to what (if anything) will be done about this, because I think it requires a serious discussion, at the very least.

The question was, why weren't they put in the conference room, which is generic space??? Oh well.

I'm starting to cough, so I guess it's time for me to get to bed (again).

We have a dinner with our friends Rob and Jeff for Ken's 49th birthday tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it!

Man, I feel lousy. But now I can afford to, because I can just take care of myself. I'm planning to get a doctor's appointment Monday. I probably need an antibiotic for my eye... (sigh)

I never DID see my sister Sue or anyone else inside the Coliseum. But cousin Linda did come out to thank us for the parade tickets after it ended inside.

And both Rob and Jeff and came over to see us BEFORE the parade started this morning.

Well, I'm proud of how it turned out. And proud that I was able to hang in there. I saved a few situations today. But I was mostly worthless without my voice! I hope that never happens again...

One last note: They named one of the mini-float awards after Marilyn! They called it the Parade Queen Award. Isn't that sweet??? I loved it!

Good night, all!
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