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Laryngitis for Parade Day? You Must Be KIDDING Me...

My friend Mark is going to help out at the parade tomorrow. And, of course, I'll have Christine and Zander, thank God!

Because as of this minute, I have NO VOICE to speak of. I have total laryngitis. I just can't believe it.

Sister Sue was very supportive in the morning when we talked. Of course she feels bad for me. But excited to be going to the parade.

Mark had to come by to pick up his credentials (and some pain meds) from me, so he took me to get a bottle of cognac from the liquor store and some meds at Freddies. Mark is such a pal.

Can you believe that cognac is considered a home remedy for laryngitis? Well, here's the deal: If I have to try home remedies, I might as well try ONE that will make me feel good. Hahaha.

Others included:
-Chamomile tea and stinging nettle tea (both have an anti-inflammatory effect, which should help the inflamed vocal cords)
-Honey and lemon juice, which can be used alone, or in the tea (honey soothes the throat and fights bacteria that cause infection while lemon acts as an astringent that breaks up mucus, plus lemons also have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and contain essential nutrients and vitamins that support the immune system)
-Apple cider vinegar (apple cider vinegar kills bacteria in your throat) -- you can mix it with honey or use it straight or in water -- mixed with Cayenne Pepper it's supposed to be effective (cayenne pepper soothes inflamed mucous membranes around the voice box)
-WATER!!! (hydration is essential)

I'm probably forgetting others. I've been drinking water WARM and tea luke warm -- nothing too cold or too hot!

Friend June was also very supportive when we talked and also feels bad for me. Everybody wants to do something, but there's nothing to be done. (sigh)

Regardless, I'm unable to talk, much less SHOUT the way I normally do at the parade. I guess we'll see how well it goes!

I'll really have to count on my helpers tomorrow...

Ken is in town and staying with Rob and Jeff (I talked to Rob this morning). Looking forward to seeing Ken -- his 49th birthday is tomorrow! And I always love seeing Rob and Jeff. They brought Voodoo doughnuts to the office today, and took special ones to Marilyn and me and got Marilyn a latte from Starbucks, too (a venti!).

Besides having laryngitis, apparently I have pink eye in my left eye. Good grief! That's a childhood ailment. What the f next???

The weather has improved, though, so that's something to be thankful for.

Also, I weighed on our Fitbit scale (I always call it the 'fancy' scale), and my weight was down 3 more pounds from Tuesday (when I last mentioned weighing). That's a good thing, anyway. Hahaha.

I did type up the PA Tower location list that needed to be done for this year, this morning (finally). I give that to my motorcycle cops who take results out on the route (float winners and the name of the new Queen).

I slept fitfully last night and during the day today, but at least I got some rest. Rest is also essential for feeling better.

I need to WASH MY HAIR before the morning -- and it's an early one. So I'm getting a nap and then doing that. And then going right to bed! Morning will come very, very early tomorrow.

Wish me luck. I'll be doing my best, voice or no voice.

Ultimately, Marilyn and I do see the humor in all this. 2016 has been a rough year, but tomorrow will go great, no matter what.

And we're excited about dinner on Sunday!!! (woo hoo)
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