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Garbage is Done: Go, Me!!!

This is silly, I know. But some weeks I feel really PROUD of myself when I finish up the garbage and recycling. Maybe in houses where men do this, it doesn't seem like that big a job. Or maybe some women who do it don't find it that difficult. I can't say. But it's a tedious job -- and I'm PICKY about how it's done. So even when I'm tired, or sick, I want it done the way I want it done! Everything gets bagged -- there's no loose garbage in my can.

And I want all the garbage OUT on 'real' days (without forgetting anything). And the composting, too. (Although I admit sometimes I forget some of it and it has to wait for the following week.) And the recycling has to be done properly -- as I've had mine 'rejected' in the past!

Interestingly enough, I don't think they're quite as picky as they used to be. Now we seem able to put out more plastic containers and so on then in the past. But I'm still very careful!

Just now I'd been patting myself (mentally) on the back for getting the job done with very little fuss, when I discover I forgot to empty the trash in a couple of rooms! Good grief. I am out of it, clearly. Hahaha.

The nice thing? There was a light mist, but no real rain. I was glad not to have to worry about getting wet out there, with my cold. And it was chilly, but not awful. Anyway, now it IS done for another week.

When I went out with the 'extra' bag of stuff I'd forgotten, I suddenly had that 'something is wrong' feeling in my gut. Hard to really explain, but it happens to me when I'm doing the garbage late at night in the dark. I try NOT to ignore that feeling, because Marilyn has told me time and again to pay attention to these feelings. I knew somebody was out there. I kept looking around me as I headed quickly back to the house.

Then I saw it (him? her?) -- a garbage thief. Actually, it would be more accurate to call it a recycling thief. There are several around here who dig through looking for things to take and sell.

You'll recall that we've given our cans and bottles for years to a neighbor -- until Marilyn recently decided to use the bottle return service that allows us to donate to charity (in our case, the festival). I suppose I don't mind desperate people taking what we don't want, but there's something creepy about them sneaking around in the dark to get it. And often they leave a big mess when they go! I mean, I spend my time carefully putting things out there, then somebody comes along and makes a mess that I have to then go out and clean up. Honestly, it's annoying. I don't mean to be unkind, but I'm hopeful that won't happen tonight when I'm not feeling well and there's a chance it could start raining any second.

I don't like giving in to feelings of fear, but on the other hand, better safe than sorry! Sometimes it's scary at night -- even when you're just outside your own home.

Marilyn told me that Jeff had told her it was supposed to POUR down rain tonight at some point...

Anyway, it's heading for 1:00 a.m. and I'm in a heavy sweat and ready to head to bed for the night. I'll take more 'blue' and spray more Zicam and hope for the best. But I might have a hot cup of tea, first. Sounds good to me, actually...

I think I managed to do the garbage without bothering Marilyn much. She was asleep on the couch in the family room, but seemed to wake up at one point. We sort of talked, but then she was back asleep, so I'm not sure if she ever really woke up. Hahaha.

Goodnight, everyone! Sleep well.
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