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Sick With a Cold -- Parade Day is Nearly Here!!!

It's nearly midnight. I just woke from a fitful nap. I'm sweaty and a little miserable with this damn cold. But at least taking Zicam (the cold remedy) seems to help. I've been spraying the 'Oral Mist' (in honey lemon), and it makes the sore throat a lot easier to stand.

I not only stayed home today, but I stayed down most of the time. The goal was two-fold: To get as much rest as possible and to try and keep from getting any worse. I guess I'll be home again tomorrow, too. I suggested I was going to go to work and Marilyn firmly said 'no' to that idea.

The most important thing is that I be there doing my job on parade day. I'd really be hard to replace, in all honesty.

The one hope is that I not get laryngitis until AFTER I'm done on Saturday! I can't really imagine how I'd do the work without shouting...

The main problem right now? It's garbage night, damn it. And I haven't even STARTED doing any of it! So I need to bundle up and head outside, where it's cool now. (We've had a 30' drop in the weather since all the heat!) Fortunately it's NOT raining this moment, but there was talk about heavy rain tonight, so I need to get to it quickly. It would be great to avoid rain!!!

I talked for more than an hour with my friend June today. She told me all about the Junior Parade. And I talked with sister Sue earlier in the day.

Marilyn was upset that I'd spent any time on the phone, as I'd promised her I'd try NOT to use my voice today. But it was nice chatting, even so... (smile) I'll be sorry if I get laryngitis BEFORE the parade, however! Hopefully not! (fingers crossed)

Jim came over to get the parade tickets I had for him and June. I'm glad they're going on Saturday!

People from out of town are arriving now for parade day. I'm SAD to be missing all of them!!! But it can't be helped.

I didn't end up sitting up to help Marilyn with any work today. I feel bad, but I guess it's fine. It's just that she has so much to do! She did get home at a reasonable hour -- but the drive home took forever! Because they have Willamette Boulevard closed, everybody in our part of town has to take Lombard. It's utterly ridiculous. But, frankly, the city never gives a damn if people in North Portland are inconvenienced. This crap always happens to us...

She stopped on her way here at Arby's and got us sandwiches and peach tea for dinner, which was lovely! I'd made curry noodles for myself for lunch, but she'd barely had a bite all day long. Anyway, we were both hungry and ate with appetite. And it was nice not to have to cook anything.

I did help a little bit with the eNewsletter, but this time Kate managed with almost no errors at all. She didn't have any technical problems, as with other versions. (woo hoo)

I spent time watching TV, reading my Kindle and SLEEPING today. what pleasure! I wish I could say I feel terrific as a result, but that's not the case. (sigh) At least I'm convinced I can do the important work on Saturday.

Well, I must get the garbage and recycling done -- it's REAL garbage week tonight. So I'm off.

I actually can't wait to go to bed after...

I did get a couple thousand steps today, but the goal was to REST, so I'm trying not to feel bad that it wasn't more...
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