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Feeling a Tad Under the Weather (Damn It)

It's now heading for 2:00 a.m. and I just woke up from my 'nap' from after dinner. I have a sore throat. Man, that feels lousy, I'm telling you. I cannot get a cold right now. I mean, I guess I can get a cold, but I sure wish I wouldn't! Because the show must go on, no matter what.

And, damn it, we're only days away from the end of festival for 2016. (Yes, yes. There are other things coming up during the year. But for NOW we're nearing the 'end.')


Marilyn had her trip up the Columbia River Gorge with Rich, Frank and Queen Kahedja for the Columbia River Highway Centennial Celebration. Marilyn and Rich have been going to meetings about this for AGES now. Our festival Queen was there when it opened in 1916 and Marilyn wanted our current Queen there for today's ceremony -- which she was.

So Marilyn was up REALLY EARLY for this trip.

I stayed home -- but I was at my computer answering emails by 8:30 this morning, believe me. I had another IT heavy day, as a matter of fact. I was dealing with a bunch of stuff via Remote and over the phone and in emails. 2016 has been a bear for IT issues, I have to say. And normally we don't have quite this many after the festival has actually started. (sigh)

Marilyn came home in the afternoon to get me. We went and picked up prescriptions, then headed to the office.

Marilyn wasn't hungry, but I went out and got a sandwich from McDonald's for lunch. I got back and Kris was there (I never really knew WHY), so I just had to eat in front of him. I was trying to get food down before it was time to pack up for our 4:00 PA Meeting.

Amusing IT moment: Christine and Carol couldn't get in to Quickbooks today. It turns out that Sheila turned OFF her computer last night. I think my instructions were very clear: Shut off all applications and log off the computer. WE NEVER SHUT DOWN OUR COMPUTERS, EVER. Period. Why was this important? Quickbooks currently resides on Sheila's machine. So if she's shut down, we're OUT OF BUSINESS for using Quickbooks. This was some brilliant Intuit thing with the latest version of the software that you couldn't have the data reside on the Server anymore. Kris swears he can fix that, so we'll see (maybe next week). Anyway, once Sheila came in and booted up, all was fine...

Kate phoned me about the eNewsletter. Our CoolerEmail service had to be re-upped today. This happens every year around now. That's my job, of course. And she also couldn't get the permalink to work again this time around. (Turns out she made a mistake naming the new edition at Cooler...)

So I was focused on a lot of IT things, needless to say, I guess...

The 'red wagon' we use to haul all our stuff to the PA Meeting was SUPER HEAVY. Hauling that around was my job, too. Hahaha. I don't mind -- I did it last week, too. But today it was MUCH HEAVIER than last time. We have TWICE AS MANY towers for GFP as for Starlight. We couldn't just lift the thing full into our car -- the handle wouldn't fit in the back! We had to unpack it and stick the wagon in the back seat (dirty track marks on our leather interior!!!). Then get there and pack it all up again. What a pain! Marilyn and I were talking about the old days when we'd yell at people (especially the men) to come outside and HELP pack the stuff in to the meeting. But now it's three women managing all this stuff alone -- Marilyn, Katie and me. Good grief.

Also, Gordon wanted the meeting changed to 4:00 -- but he didn't start it until 4:30. Seriously???

The best part of this meeting? Checking it OFF our list of things to do and heading back to the office.

Marilyn had piles of stuff to get ready for tomorrow morning's meeting -- the final GFP ops meeting. Another painful meeting for Marilyn, but Katie was excited about it. I teased her and told her that was because she'd never been to it before. Hahaha. I never attend that. I used to years and years ago, but it's really meaningless for me and my assistants...

We stopped at the Burrito House on the way home for tacos for dinner. What a nice treat!

We got home by 8:15 p.m. and ate dinner. Then both went down for naps. I just woke up a bit ago...

Not sure how we're doing tomorrow. Marilyn needs to go directly to that meeting, which I do NOT need to attend. So I'll stay home first thing, for sure. I need to get in before tomorrow night's event at 7:00 p.m. (IYSFF Awards Ceremony). But otherwise I can work from here at home. Marilyn and I have a huge project to work on tomorrow, but I don't need to be in the office to do it...

Fitbit Update: I got at least 7,000 steps today (now sure of the exact amount). I don't know what Marilyn got.

Exciting Moment: I got on our fancy new Fitbit scale and weighed myself today. I'd lost nearly 5 pounds since the last time I weighed! (4.8, to be exact.) That made me happy! Yeah, it's only five pounds, but I'll take it.

I haven't used any salt for cooking or on food in days and days now. That's a miracle for me, as I'm pretty salt-addicted. Just trying to get my swelling down, if I can. (sigh)

There's more, but I'm heading to bed (as it's now nearly 2:30 a.m.). Goodnight all!
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