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Busy Monday (Working from Home)

I don't know HOW Marilyn does it with so little SLEEP. She's in bed late, on her feet for much of the day, under serious stress all the time and then up early again and again. She's amazing.

Anyway, she headed to work and left me sleeping, for which I was grateful, I admit. I didn't get up until 8:30 -- such luxury!

I ended up having a crazy IT day (yes, again).

Steven called me about Christie's computer. No, Christie NEVER phoned me or emailed me. She always avoids me and goes to Steven -- and he always comes to me. Hahaha. Her issue was that she couldn't open her Outlook Calendar. Steven and I spent HOURS trying to fix it. There are several things you can do, as this appears to be another COMMON ISSUE. Man, Microsoft, you must have thousands and thousands of issues. I get pretty tired of telling people 'it's a known issue' by the way.

We tried using the scanpst.exe that's built in to Microsoft. And we used the Repair feature. We also tried deleting the .ost file so it could rebuild.

I Remoted in using TeamViewer so Steven and I could work on things together... Unfortunately, we didn't get very far! So we finally turned her computer back to her so she could use email, if not her calendar. (At least she could view the calendar from her phone, if not add to it.)

I was also dealing with Q from Atmosera -- who wanted to up our CPU resources. They host our website. I contacted him and now that's happening in the middle of the night tonight. But I needed to get everybody at the office on board, too...

I had website changes to make today. And Marilyn gave me the Grand Floral Parade script to review one last time, checking for formatting. It was on deadline to go to the printer today.

The annual PA meeting for GFP is tomorrow afternoon (it's always one week after the PA meeting for Starlight).

In the afternoon I Remoted in to Rich's machine to help him with something...

I found my shorts (below the knee length) today. It would have been nice to have them in the heat! Oh well. I put those on today and actually took a walk in the park. I wanted the steps! I also tried to walk inside the house, too.

Fitbit update: I don't know how many steps Marilyn got today. I just checked, and I got 8,000! Not bad for being home. (I may get a few more before bed...)

I did talk to sister Sue. There was a TERRIBLE CAR ACCIDENT near their home yesterday, so she didn't get home from Nicole's graduation until 9:30 p.m.!!! I guess Nicole and Candy had a fight, which is sad. (Candy cried with Sue this morning and said yesterday was the best day of her life -- and her worst. What a shame.) I never did get to finish my conversation with her, I was so busy!

And I talked to June, too -- same thing! I never got to finish that conversation, either...

I put Marilyn's shoes (that she'd washed) out in the sun to dry. And cleaned up the mess in the garage (a can of pop exploded). And I did a load of dishes.

I talked to Donn in the late afternoon and had him go in. He had planned to uninstall and reinstall Office Suite from Christie's computer. But instead he ended up changing the Command-line switches! I'm so glad he was able to come in and fix the issue.

I Remoted in to Christie's computer to show Donn something, too. Lots of TeamViewer action today! Hahaha.

Marilyn got home around 7:30 and we headed immediately to the store to get cat food, bottled water, cat water, bath soap and several other items we needed.

We came home and had cottage cheese and crackers for dinner, then I made popcorn as a treat. We watched a couple of episodes of "Leave it to Beaver."

Tomorrow starts VERY, VERY EARLY. Marilyn needs to be at work by 7:00 a.m. This whole week is very busy for her. I guess today was very difficult and stressful.

Marilyn and Jeff had to meet and discuss finances. Stressful. So much rests on the two of them. I won't go into details, but this weather is not good for the Foundation. Extreme heat is worst for us than rain, if anyone can believe that...

It's very busy for Marilyn every day this week!

The weather is a bitch. Now we're going from heat to rain and cool weather. What a mess! It's supposed to rain for the Junior Parade on Wednesday. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow and rain the rest of the week. Sadly it's expected to rain on Saturday for the GFP. Good grief. (sigh)

Forgot to say that Rich and I are working on a News Item/Press Release to go out tomorrow. We need to tweak it in the morning. I was just too busy to get to it today...

Well, I need a nap before washing my hair and finally heading to bed. Not sure I covered everything for today, but close enough.

It was very hot again today. I was running the air all damn day.
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