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Friday: Another Festival Day -- Marilyn Works LONG and HARD

Marilyn had ME stay home today. (It's currently 1:30-ish...)

SHE had a 14-hour (plus) day -- much of it on her feet, working the concert at the RoZone in CityFair! Plus she had very little to eat all day long, so she was starving when she got home. We ate 'dinner' much later than usual (past midnight). That how it goes when you work late...

And, no, I don't care what the experts say: You can't just stop eating after 7:00 when you don't get any chances to eat during the hours before that. I mean, really??? (Easy to say if you don't keep crazy hours, I suppose.)

I soaked my feet today in Epsom salts (for the swelling). And I stayed DOWN a ton so I could elevate my feet (especially the left one, which seems huge). AND I drank a lot of water today, too.

I did some festival stuff on the computer, but mostly tried to avoid sitting at the computer for very long.

I did take out the garbage that I didn't do last night (it was okay, but today wasn't 'real' garbage week -- so it just goes into the can in the garage until next week). And I picked up in the kitchen and living room a bit and loaded the dishwasher. And I put food out for the birds.

Very late tonight I finally FORCED MYSELF to color my hair, using the color I had in the house. It's darker than I'd wanted, but I had it without going out to buy something, so there you go.

Sister Sue and I talked several times today. And I chatted with my friend June, too.

I'm very excited that I found a favorite book (from 1963) available on Kindle today!!! "Sword at Sunset," by Rosemary Sutcliff. This was one of her books for adults, as much of her work was written for a young audience. I really love this novel! I have a very beat up copy in paperback that I've read many times. But it's been YEARS since I read it. Partly because the print is so small it's not easy for me to read now. Can't wait to start it on my Kindle!!!

It was very hot in the house today, even with the air conditioning running. It's supposed to be worse tomorrow!

Well, Marilyn and I have an early start tomorrow, so it's time to go to bed!

I can only imagine how TIRED she must be. I don't know how she does it on so little sleep. She's been awake very early watching the French Open tennis...

Tomorrow is Starlight Parade Day -- and we have the Starlight After-Party after that (running until 12:30 a.m.).
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