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Tired? More Like Exhausted.

It's now 3:00 a.m.

I just finally was able to drag my ass up from my 'nap' so I could blog, take my nighttime medication (which I really need to do) and do the recycling (and garbage that can't wait for next week), as it's garbage night.

I'm sitting here clearing my throat. I guess I need to go take a 'blue' (the meds we take for allergies and colds). Hold on, I'll be right back!

I keep hoping my damn swollen feet (ankles, legs) will go back to normal, but oh hell no. I guess I need to quit complaining about it. I talked to my niece (sister Sue's daughter) Candy today, and she said her feet are like that -- and that both she and her brother (my nephew) Larry are getting PURPLE feet and ankles, like Mom (their grandma) had!!! Please note that Mom eventually LOST A LEG. (Sister Sue still has dark purple ankles and legs, by the way...) I guess Larry's are really bad, and Candy only has a 'spot' of purple, so far. JUST A SPOT. Good grief!!! She's in her 40's. I'm in my 60's and thankfully am NOT purple, so far...

But the swollen thing is very uncomfortable -- even painful. You know, Marilyn's been dealing with it for ages. I really didn't realize how bad it feels. Poor Marilyn...

I was talking with Larry about tickets today and he was going on about some pulmonary issue he's having -- a bad area on his lung? Lungs? I wasn't all that clear on it. Larry has a serious weight problem (he's had it since he was a toddler). Ironically, Sue has that terminal lung problem, but we know what caused it. Could Larry's issue be due to weight, or something else???

I did the equestrian entries for the Grand Floral Parade script today, and threw in a few other items, too. It still needs a bunch of work. Marilyn can look at it tomorrow and tell me what she wants me to do to help finish it up.

Marilyn was CRAZY BUSY today. Running from one thing to the next and barely making it on time. Yet she managed to get our car in to the dealership to replace the BAD tire (thank God!!!). How wonderful is it that they could take it the same day and do the work in an hour? She didn't have a spare hour to wait, but had her friend Gail pick her up for the judging luncheon, then drive her back to get the finished car. I'm so pleased, as I was just worrying all the time about driving around on a tire with a nail in it! It was expensive (of course), but at least it's DONE. And Subaru is a delight to deal with.

I spent a bunch of time trying to reason out the ticket thing with both Larry (via phone), then Candy (via phone, originally -- then she dropped by). Candy had her friend's dog with her, so we stood outside to chat (the cats wouldn't have been okay with that dog). I have to say she was a really sweet dog -- a boxer -- who behaved really well. Sister Sue always talks about that dog that visits the house all the time, and I can see why.

Well, there's more to report about the day, but I MUST GET THE GARBAGE DONE now, and get to bed.

I was supposed to wash my hair tonight. Yeah, sure. I can barely sit here to type this.

Marilyn stopped on her way home and picked up takeout sandwiches for our dinner. I love not cooking when I'm this tired -- very sweet of her.

My cat is HOWLING AT ME for a change. Really, Henry??? He wants attention RIGHT NOW. REALLY, Henry???

Seriously, the house could be worse, too. The living room isn't bad at all, nor is the kitchen, really. My bedroom isn't perfect, but I can find things and I haven't thrown clothes all over the floor (I can recall years when I did exactly that). It could be cleaner, of course. But I'm really too tired to clean right now. Oh well.

Gotta dash. Sleep well, friends.
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